China's furniture industry urgently needs to transform and upgrade the four key decisions to success or failure

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the global economy has faced an unprecedented test, and the real estate and home industries have not been spared. The decline in property consumption, the credit crunch, and the decline in consumption have all brought immeasurable effects on the furniture industry. The alternation of spring and winter always gives people a head start, making people too late to preview. In the face of the impact of changes in the economic environment and the Chinese government's planning and promotion of the Chinese market economy, transformation has become an unavoidable topic. How to transform, the basic point and the fundamental point of transformation are placed in front of every furniture company. Objectively speaking, Chinese furniture faces another choice after 30 years of reform and opening up. How to continue and break through requires furniture companies to seriously consider and quickly make decisions. So what determines the key to the success or failure of China's furniture industry transformation and transformation? From the author's more than ten years of practical research and judgment on China's pan-home SMEs, there are four main points: First, the mentality, the Chinese furniture industry is reforming and opening up. In the past 30 years, we have achieved unprecedented positive development and achieved large-scale development from small to large. Therefore, our furniture entrepreneurs’ mentality is in a position of self-esteem. Second, consumption is the era of large-scale economic supply. No matter whether it has enough design and brand system operation, it can get a piece of cake; the third is product development, because the supply is less than necessary, many furniture companies do not pay attention to product design, do not pay attention to product quality inspection, do not pay attention to product design structure; Fourth, the top-level design of the enterprise, the top-level design of the enterprise is lacking from strategic thinking to marketing of the brand system, so it is difficult to adapt to the development needs of the modern market during the transition. In order to gain the initiative and development in today's and future developments, break through to become a dark horse, you must do the following four points: First, from the enterprise itself, do the consumer demand products, most companies are now feeling the product surplus, warehouse The backlog can't sell. This is not just a question of sales. It is also a cost issue, labor costs, raw material costs, etc. But in fact, this is a matter of external considerations. We have not reflected from the company itself. Our furniture business owners lack the attitude to understand the real needs of consumers in the market, and the products produced may not meet the needs of the market. The author got acquainted with a business owner who used to make panel furniture. However, in the process of making panel furniture, the boss found that the store was sold by the store alone. The business was not good, the company survived very hard, and faced the danger of going bankrupt, which not only caused After the boss’s fear, he was deeply immersed in deep thinking. Later, a small couple went to his shop to ask the boss, can you make a reservation. The boss began to think: I have always done things that are just wishful thinking, but can not really cater to the consumer demand, can I adjust the strategic goals and consumption goals, do more intimate services, product development more in line with consumer demand . After painstaking thoughts, he decided to do product development for the target customers, and locked the target consumer groups of the company to 80 and 90, providing customized furniture and installation and after-sales integration services, and customized product design to promote product sales. Very good result. Copying other people's products can only be followed, only waiting for others to eat the rest, but can not lead and transcend, only know how to find another way, according to the needs of consumers to provide product design, in order to obtain consumer recognition, get orders. Custom furniture is more in line with consumer demand. Therefore, furniture business owners should open their hearts, go out, go to the market, go to the consumer, feel their needs and changes, master their thoughts and dynamics, instead of always thinking about the problem in the office. Decision-making issues. This point of Wahaha's Zong Qinghou should be said to be the most worth learning. Mr. Zong Lao is in the first line of most of the year, grasping the information data at any time and making many effective strategic decisions. In addition, the Japanese furniture business owners are also worth learning. Many times, they are not thinking about the problem of how much furniture can be sold, but whether the furniture can provide consumers with comfortable enjoyment. like. It can be seen that Japanese and European and American furniture companies will spend a lot of energy to study aesthetics, ergonomics, and mechanics, focusing on consumer demand rather than simply trying to sell products. Therefore, our business owners must learn to change themselves when they cannot change the big environment, and think about what kind of products the market needs in the state of impetuous and dynamic instability, and think about how to provide targeted products according to consumer demand during this period. Only in this way, products can be favored and forward-looking performance breakthroughs. Second, do a good job of system brand marketing brand is the foundation of a company's long-term development, is the foundation of consumer recognition and trust, is the foundation of our long-term foundation, only the brand can be passed on, only the brand has a representative soul value. Brand is not only a symbol, but also a manifestation of the value of integrity, is a manifestation of social commitment and consumption value. The system's brand marketing can not only help us to obtain business profits, but also help us to obtain consumer loyalty and lasting support. Therefore, our company should reflect on how well brand marketing is done, whether its products meet the needs of consumers' brands, clearly understand their target consumer groups, and break through the current predicament. In fact, brands need to have systematic planning and performance, and they need to continuously extract the characteristics, culture, functionality, and aesthetics of products, and inform consumers through effective communication. Communicate with consumers and integrate cognition. Therefore, enterprises should interpret their own brands, carry out packaging, express stories, inject value souls, establish brand marketing systems, do systematic brand marketing, learn to tell brand stories, and use brand stories to interpret products. Features and benefits, allowing products to be automatically marketed. Rather than relying on flickering sales to please customers, to achieve one-time consumption, to do branding from a medium to long-term perspective, to do marketing, not sales. Only when we truly recognize the value of the brand and recognize the dialectical relationship and mutual assistance relationship between marketing and brand can we effectively plan and promote. Nowadays, many companies use sales as marketing. This is actually wrong. These are two concepts. Sales are just pure product trading behaviors. They are purely profit-oriented. They can be used to sell products through sales and price differences. Marketing is temptation, attraction, bonding, communication, and marketing. Achieve multiple sales through a series of product innovation design, value refinement, story description and service to form a continuous sales target. Non-simple profitable sales are a persistent service behavior. Therefore, enterprises must carry out system planning and system communication of brand marketing. Some companies feel that my products are good, and they open stores in hypermarkets. They don't need to do publicity. This is wrong. Hypermarkets are just a platform. If consumers don't go to the store to buy furniture, he won't know your furniture brand. Therefore, brand marketing is very important. We must continue to use different channels and communication channels to let customers know the existence of our brand and product advantages, let consumers fully understand us, recognize us, walk into us, realize communication at any time, and keep information flowing. Third, the boss must know how to decentralize, do a good job of internal management, establish system brand marketing, product research and development, are inseparable from the market, can not do without talent, talents need environment and platform, the platform needs the boss to be fully authorized to give play to the subjective initiative of talents, People who realize talents do their best. However, many furniture business owners are both to be nannies, but also to be mentor, even coaches, salesmen, and everything is done by themselves. In fact, it is a highly centralized management within the enterprise. All things must be decided by the boss, even if you buy a screw, you must find the boss to approve. This is very unreasonable for a modern enterprise. It not only makes the boss feel tired, but also suppresses each person's subjective initiative, wastes human resources, causes brain drain, and bloated corporate management. Therefore, the boss must let go of his body and know how to decentralize. Trust employees, let professional people do professional things, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, so as to achieve the sound development of the company, attract talented people to join, promote the company's standardized operation, achieve management breakout, and let employees Cohesion and explosiveness are stronger. For example, Lu Baigang, the boss of Shandong Freehand Forest, is known for his design and never manages the factory. However, his factory still operates very well. This is why he has established an internal management mechanism that is in line with the development of the enterprise. Decentralize power to the hands of the responsible person, through the system to manage and constrain the work and behavior of each individual. Therefore, enterprises must first establish a set of internal management mechanisms in line with the company's own development, and this mechanism is recognized and supported by most employees, which are very important. Have such a mechanism. Let employees take things from being passive to taking the initiative, and they are afraid to take the initiative to undertake. Only when the boss can be liberated can he have more energy to do important things and focus. If a boss hangs too much energy on specific trivial matters, and ignores the mix of company strategy and resources, it will be eliminated in the development process. In the future, if furniture companies want to develop, they must clarify the responsibilities of each employee in the company's organization, do a good job in planning each organizational sector, and fully realize the breakthrough and upgrade of enterprise management through the improvement of internal organizational structure and system improvement. Nowadays, the development of the economic situation has raised the requirements for managers. Our bosses must continue to learn, strengthen communication with the team, and make progress together instead of being honest and self-sufficient all day long. Authorization is not decentralization. Authorization is not a matter of no question, but the responsibility is assigned to the responsible person within the scope of the system, thereby realizing the development from personal management to cultural management and the realization of individual will and organizational decisions. Fourth, strategic thinking should also be transformed Strategic thinking refers to the boss's understanding of strategy, the thinking of the development of the enterprise and the future of the design. As the saying goes: "There is not enough for a domain to seek the world." Only by fully understanding the current deficiencies and future goal planning, can we learn from each other's strengths and achieve staged breakthroughs. On the other hand, many furniture companies are now just doing factories, not companies; they are just making products, not doing research and development; they just advertise, not brand. Many furniture business owners even narrowly believe that the brand is to invest more in TV or media. They think that product development is just to find a template in the market to do the same, always think that the strategy is to do 10 million this year, 30 million next year. Simple digital thinking. Rather than really analyzing opportunities from market trends, product development, resource allocation, talent allocation, etc. Simple individualism replaces the systematic strategic thinking that many furniture owners must recognize and value. Therefore, the transformation of furniture enterprises must accept the facts from the mentality, lack of cognition, and at the same time, pay attention to open source and expenditure management and innovation management from management, and pay more attention to consumers from brand marketing. This is the mainstream thinking. Finally, we must always maintain the continuous innovation and continuous improvement of strategic thinking, so that we can always lead the team forward, instead of relying on individual will or boss authority, but to use ideas to gain recognition, thus achieving the transformation of strategic thinking. Simply talking about strategy, talking about management, and talking about brands are not enough. Our business owners must not only have a good attitude, but also have a look and feel in the world. Don't pay attention to the immediate interests, you should put your eyes on the longer side, you must stand at a higher level, strategically plan the enterprise, and improve the top-level design of the enterprise, so as to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise. In a word, we must adjust ourselves from the mentality, do a good job of emotional control, do a good job of the team's mentality management, do a good job of corporate mentality control; at the same time, we must be vigilant and innovative from strategic thinking, and improve and value brand marketing. The importance of system construction, we must always check and track the relevant issues reflected in brand marketing, gradually enhance the value of the brand, and form consumer loyalty to the brand. Thereby achieving internal standardization management, promoting the orderly promotion of the brand marketing system, and achieving the brand marketing purpose of management escort.

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Self tapping screw

Self tapping Screw is one of the threaded fasteners in the pre drilling of metal or non-metallic materials. Self tapping screws are used for the connection between thin metal plates (steel plates, sawing plates, etc.). When connecting to the connecting piece for the threaded hole, then self tapping screw into the threaded hole of the connecting piece.

Description of self tapping screw:


Material: Carbon steel:1010,1022;

        Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304,


Finishing: Zinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),Hop Dip Galvanized(HDG) phosphorization,Black

Oxide,Geomet,Dacroment,anodization,Nickel plated,Zinc-Nickel plated

Self Tapping Screws


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Self Tapping Screws

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