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Brett Sambrooks from Koondrook, Australia is a craftsman who specializes in wood products. Use old wooden blocks, or second-hand guys to disassemble pieces, and make unique pieces of furniture! All the works mainly reflect the four main points of his creation, bold, structured, creative and experimental. The unique essay creation is more bloody and human. Whether it is a two-piece work, or a small table chair that is made to order, it has the same flavor. It feels like a layer of nature, which makes people very relaxed.

Plasma Cutting Machine not only can cut flat sheet , still also can cut on pipe . 

plasma Cutting Machine & drilling machine , can regarding hole diameter to choose cutting or drilling .

1. Pipe cutting :Square pipe &round pipe all can cut . pipe diameter and length can customized regarding customers ' demands.

2.Metal sheet cutting :different thickness need different power source , China HUAYUAN & USA Hypertherm is two popular model power source 

3. Drilling :if the hole diameter is too small , drilling function is better choose instead of plasma cutting .2mm-18mm is standard drilling diameter

OEM of Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine are Available 

Pipe & Sheet Cutting & Drilling Machine

Sheet Metal Fabrication,Metal Fabrication,Metal Cutter,Pipe Drilling Machine

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