Survey: 90% of Huadong furniture people believe that happiness is a consumer brand

The index of well-being is a subjective indicator for measuring the degree of happiness of a person. For a social person, it will include whether the hope is satisfied, whether it is safe, whether the society gives affirmation and honor, whether its value is realized, and whether the living environment is Pleasure, whether the spiritual world is happy, etc. For the furniture person, the happiness index should include whether the enterprise benefits are realized, whether the enterprise development is smooth, whether the employees are satisfied, whether the consumers are recognized, whether the corporate brand has influence, and so on. In 2012, Chinese furniture people can live happily? To this end, the furniture channel strives to create "2012, China Furniture Happiness A Plan", in-depth investigation of the current living conditions of Chinese furniture people, and hopes to contribute to the improvement of the happiness of Chinese furniture people. In 2011, under the influence of various factors such as economic environment, real estate regulation and control, and rising costs, the household industry has been in a period of continuous downturn. Of course, with the rise of the Chinese real estate market, the furniture industry can not escape the stagnation of the market. Consumer demand has fallen, marketing costs have risen sharply, and the entire furniture industry has inevitably fluctuated in the past 2011. 2012 has arrived. The reporter visited a number of Huadong furniture companies through the three major furniture exhibitions in Guangdong and found that although the furniture market has suffered a lot of difficulties, almost all Huadong furniture people have expressed optimistic about the industry prospects. Therefore, 90% of Huadong furniture people believe that their current status can be ranked as happy. Moreover, for the market in 2012, nearly 61% of Huadong furniture people said that they will improve in the second half of the year, and they are full of confidence in the future market. 90% of Huadong furniture people feel happy and optimistic about the industry's prospects. The results of this survey show that 90% of East China furniture people feel happy, and 62% of them believe that happiness comes from the development prospects of the furniture industry. Everyone has a different definition of happiness, especially for every business. “Although we did encounter many difficulties in 2011, we can still feel happiness.” As Xu Huimin, general manager of Lihao Sofa Division, said in an interview, although the furniture industry is in thin ice in 2011, even some companies have a decline in sales. The situation is still optimistic about the long-term development of the industry, that the current state of the furniture industry is a stage that every industry must experience. It is precisely because of this, for the sense of well-being, the public said that it is not only the same as the market is hot, the source of happiness is far more than good sales performance. “There are excellent employees, or develop high-quality products, and discover new channels... These are the sources of happiness for the company.” Liu Hong, vice president of Gujia Home, told reporters. In addition, the reporter also found in the interview process that for more enterprises, the development prospects of the industry are far more important than the current market. "Furniture itself is a necessity for life. No matter what the market is, people who want to buy furniture still have to buy furniture. Just need to always exist." Mo Huiming, general manager of Zhejiang Moxia Industrial Co., Ltd. said. 54% believe that rising costs reduce happiness. Brands increase corporate vitality costs, profits are reduced; housing prices are high, buyers are reduced; wages are high, employees are increasingly difficult to recruit... Furniture people's happiness and confidence are just for The more such conditions are weakened. In an interview with reporters, 54% of Huadong furniture people believe that rising costs are the main reason for reducing happiness. The increase in costs includes rising rents in stores, rising raw material costs, excessive logistics costs, and rising labor costs. Of course, in addition to rising costs, such as negative dealer attitudes, brand trust crisis, etc. are all factors that weaken corporate happiness. Faced with such a situation, many companies have chosen strategies to cope with, in the hope of survive and develop in the industry reshuffle. Go on. “The cost continues to rise, and some furniture companies may be close to freezing point. And even more frightening is that once the cost rises, some irresponsible companies may use illegal means, such as using inferior raw materials for profit, which will Bringing vicious competition to the market, and letting other companies get into trouble, forming a vicious circle." An industry insider analyzed this. In fact, in the furniture industry, there is no brand that is universally known by ordinary people. Therefore, increasing investment in branding has become the consensus of furniture companies, and 84% of Huadong furniture companies have chosen to increase their vitality. "In the future, the furniture industry will have a real consumer brand, then it may be that the shuffling of this industry has really begun." Hu Weidong, chairman of the company. 61% predict that the furniture market will improve in the second half of the year with enough confidence to meet the happy and depressed furniture market will continue to be when? Perhaps no one can know the exact answer. In this reporter's survey, 61% of Huadong furniture companies believe that the furniture market will improve in the second half of the year, and the remaining 39% choose to maintain a wait-and-see attitude. According to industry analysts, today's furniture industry has reached the point of overcapacity, and the current "slow down" step is to give the furniture industry time to think and progress. Big brands can optimize themselves during this time, and they can get a qualitative leap; some weaker brands can't stand the test of shuffling, and they may face the danger of bankruptcy. "As a company, the most important thing is not to care about the market, whether the market is shrinking, but how to expand its share under a certain total amount." Mo Huiming, general manager of Zhejiang Moxia Industrial Co., Ltd. thinks so. There is no shortage of companies that have a common understanding with Mo. Only by enhancing their competitiveness can they gain a place in the market and then embrace the so-called "happiness." Of course, according to the current furniture market, optimizing upgrades, transformation and development, and striving for “consumer brand” may become an urgent issue for furniture companies. Disclaimer: This article is an exclusive original manuscript or an exclusive disclosure of information, copyright, if you need to reprint or otherwise copy, please contact

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