What should be paid attention to in the elderly living room environment?

What should you pay attention to when designing a living room environment for the elderly? According to industry insiders, you can start from three aspects: sound, color and shape.

Sound - Older people like to be quiet, so the house they live in is soundproof, which is mainly reflected in the sound insulation of doors and windows. From design to material selection, we must pay attention to sound insulation.

Color - Older people tend to get up late and have poor eyesight, so the intensity of the light should be moderate. Among them, the light of the lighting should be soft and warm; the night light can be brighter, so that the elderly can see the road when they get up at night to avoid being tripped by obstacles.

Shape - the elderly are generally inconvenient in their legs and feet. In order to avoid bumps in daily life, it is best to choose rounded furniture. In the choice of bed, it is best to buy a wide bed for the elderly, and sleep more comfortable. The height of the bedside table should be appropriate and should be convenient for the elderly to pick up and place items.

In addition, indoor textiles such as bed sheets, bedspreads, curtains, pillowcases, sofa towels, tablecloths, etc. should also be light and fresh, preferably in line with the overall color of the room. In terms of materials, materials that can be insulated, dustproof, soundproofed, and beautify the living room should be used.

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