Foreign-style furniture "small and unacceptable" to find a foothold to seek counter-attack

From the concept of the general consumer, European and American furniture refers to furniture imported from Europe and the United States. In fact, European and American furniture refers to European and American style furniture, which is not only imported from Europe, but can be exported from any country in the world. Today, Europe and America. More and more styles of furniture, from sofas to wardrobes and other furniture almost all show high-end European and American style. Not all consumers can clearly state the type and origin of furniture, not to mention the so-called European and American furniture that has cultural barriers. There are several types of situations in the market that allow consumers to “love and hate” the so-called European and American furniture. First, some European and American style imported brands are expensive, and not ordinary people can afford it. Second, some domestic and American furniture brands, the design is not authentic, won the favor of home novices, turned a blind eye to those consumers who demand high style details. Third, some European and American furniture that claim to export to domestic sales, some say that they sell the real thing of a foreign brand, and some say that the product has been modified to meet the needs of domestic families. In the eyes of consumers, they have no way of judging truth and falsehood. Therefore, these different European and American furniture give people the impression of "distinct style and price disparity". Foreign style cultural barriers make consumers “lost” People who have a little knowledge of their own culture are busy with European and American style homes. This is indeed a phenomenon of household consumption. As a result, consumers' psychological barriers to culture have become a natural barrier for them to judge the good and bad of European and American furniture. However, there are reasons for the boom in the market. The regulation of the European and American furniture market, especially those from the domestic OEM foundry factories, is a consensus in the industry. To see people's needs and confusion, to integrate relevant products and brands for consumers, consumers can buy with confidence from the quality, price and production level. Large volume style, strong European and American furniture needs to fully experience and then purchase. Due to the limitation of display area, many European and American style furniture stores are cramped, which makes it difficult for European and American furniture to be fully displayed to consumers. There are also some free lots scattered in the commercial space, often exported to the domestic and foreign furniture, and used to attract customers at low prices. In this regard, a senior designer said that the consumer's sense of space has not been established. If you like this type of furniture, you should experience more observations, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes in buying, the scale is wrong, improper placement, and the effect is not satisfactory.

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