Analyze why the price difference of LED lamps is large

Netizens who have bought LED tubes may have experienced such an experience, LED lamps with similar appearance and power, but the price can be several times worse. These differences can not be seen by the outsiders. When buying, they are very confused. The same lamps, some brands can be so much cheaper, why? For this we specially selected two LED lights with large price differences for dismantling and comparison.

This is what it looks like after the LED tube is taken apart. For lamps with the same length, the length of the internal circuit board is several times worse. What does this difference mean? We know that the board is not only used to make LEDs shine, but more importantly, it can control the current and voltage flowing through the LEDs to stabilize them in an effective lighting and energy-saving working state. First, to ensure brightness; Second, energy saving; Third, extend the service life. And the "short" process is simple, it can't control the ever-changing current and voltage in the power grid. It looks like the light is still there, but in fact, the service life and energy-saving effect of the lamp may have been high and low. Destroyed, so there will be doubts in the market. What is the difference between buying such a lamp and buying a traditional fluorescent tube? Let's compare the price. The price of cheap led does have a trend of civilians. But seeing the same "civilian" quality core, this point is a bit "price is not good".

In fact, there are still a lot of relatively cheap LED products on the market. For example, the glass material led on the market is cheaper than the full plastic or semi-plastic semi-aluminum led.

The price of LEDs can be divided into several pieces, the most important one being the price of chip components. For example, the split-lights we have just done, especially the cheap LED lights often cut corners on chip components. Such products often use materials with poor heat dissipation in the selection of materials, which may cause the products to be dimly lit and even burned directly. For users who have to open for several hours a day, they must not purchase such products. Also, pay attention to whether the lamp body material is fragile. Although the cracking of the lamp body does not affect the lighting, it may pose a safety hazard to the user and cannot be sloppy.

A LED with a high-quality material and a particularly inexpensive LED lamp have a very large difference in power saving effect. To this end, we have done a special control experiment. Here we take two LED lights of the same power for the power consumption experiment:

In the experiment, we set the charging standard for the power-saving tool for 3 hours per day and 0.20 per kWh. Calculated out, high-quality LEDs use 0.82 yuan for power-offs a year, and 1.45 yuan for inferior LEDs. The latter's electricity bill is nearly twice that of the former. It can be said that it is better to buy expensive lights and cheaper low-quality lights.

Now the most common LED light is 6000-6500K white light, white light is also called cold light, generally used in the dining table area, kitchen, making the dishes look brighter and more attractive; and many people do not know there are still 2700-3300K yellow Light LED lights, yellow light is very suitable for the bedroom and living room, it makes people feel more warm and easier to quiet. Users can adjust the use of work or home space by choosing to install white LED lights or yellow LED lights. Nowadays, many home furnishings have begun to adopt a two-color temperature system. In the same room, you can switch between white and yellow light as needed to easily create the desired atmosphere.

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