What is better for pyrimethanil and thiram?

Both pyrimethanil and thiram are broad-spectrum fungicides . People often ask which is better for pyrimethanil and thiram? Pesticide Xiaobian simple comparison of these two fungicides

It is better to say that pyrimethanil and thiram are better. It depends on what plant you use to prevent any disease. Fumei pairs of various crops downy mildew, blight, anthracnose, cereal smut, yellow seedling Blight has better control; pyrimethanil has special effects on gray mold

Pyrimethanil detailed introduction

Pyrimethanil, also known as methylpyrimidinamine, dimethylpyrimidine phenylaminopyrimidine fungicide, has special effects on gray mold. Its bactericidal action mechanism is unique, and it inhibits the infection of pathogens by inhibiting the secretion of pathogenic bacteria, and kills the bacteria. It has protective and therapeutic effects, and has both systemic and fumigation effects. The product has 20%, 30%, 37%, 40% suspending agent, 20%, 40% wettable powder.

Main use of pyrimethanil

Pyrimethanil is a pyrimidine amine fungicide with leaf penetration and root systemic activity, and has excellent control effects on gray mold of grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, kidney beans, cucumbers, eggplants and ornamental plants. Apple black rickets for fruit trees also have better control effects. Fumei double details

Fumei double is also called Qiu Laim, Sai Ou San, A Rui Sheng. It is a low-toxic fungicide and has a stimulating effect on skin and mucous membranes. It can treat fungal infections such as diseases and is widely used as a promoter in plant fungicides and rubber industry.

The main use of thiram

Used as seed treatment, soil treatment or spraying; it is produced in a variety of compound preparations, such as compounding with rust rust and compounding with thiophanate, Sanfumei (40% thiram, 20% thiram, 20% guacamole)胂), (1.2% thiram, 0.6% thiram, 0.6% thiram).

A good point of pyrimethanil and thiram, but also to understand the knowledge of the two products, focusing on what plants are used to prevent diseases.

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