The judgment and elimination of clutch slippage can not fully exert the power of the locomotive

Judging and eliminating the slip of the clutch, the Yongtai clutch slip will not only burn the friction plate of the clutch, but more importantly, the power of the locomotive cannot be fully utilized. A simple way to determine whether the clutch is slipping: start the engine, press the clutch and brake pedal at the same time, hang up the gear, slowly loosen the clutch pedal, slowly increase the throttle start, if the body does not move, the engine continues to rotate without extinguishing, indicating that the clutch is slipping, Or after the engine is turned off, hang up the gear, brake the wheel, release the clutch pedal, and then use the crank to turn the crankshaft. If it can rotate, it also indicates that the clutch is slipping. First check the free travel of the clutch pedal. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted. If the free travel is normal, remove the clutch inspection hole cover and check if there is oil on the clutch plate. If it is, clean it, start the engine, run at idle speed, and use the washing gun while continuously stepping on and releasing the clutch plate. Inject gasoline into the clutch between the main and driven discs. If it still slips after cleaning, check if there is any adjustment gasket between the clutch and the flywheel. If it is, remove it and tighten it. It is not necessary to continuously cool the diesel engine with cold water. When many operators are pumping water, a cold water is directly introduced into the diesel water tank from the water outlet of the water pump by a plastic pipe. Then, the water drain switch of the water tank is opened to allow the water to continuously flow in and out, and it is thought that the water in the water tank can be kept at a lower temperature, so that the diesel engine does not heat up. It is not known that this is very unfavorable for the use of diesel engines.

It is important to know that the temperature of the diesel engine is too high or too low, which is harmful to the use of the diesel engine. First, the cooling water outside the cylinder liner and the cylinder head will quickly boil and generate bubbles, which will greatly reduce the cooling capacity, causing local deformation, cracking or burning of the body overheating. Second, the oil will become thinner, resulting in poor lubrication and accelerated wear of the machine. In severe cases, it will cause accidents such as burning tiles, pulling cylinders and holding cylinders. Thirdly, the fuel injected into the cylinder will evaporate quickly, the oxidation reaction will be accelerated, the fuel ignition delay period will be shortened and the combustion will be prematurely burned, and the matching clearance of the machine will be changed due to the thermal expansion, resulting in insufficient intake, insufficient pressure and incomplete combustion. The power is reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, and even the injector needle valve is stuck due to thermal expansion.

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