Store marketing is still the focus of cabinet industry sales

Store marketing is still the focus of cabinet industry sales

In the current development stage of the cabinet companies, the sales of the stores are still the focus of the cabinet industry sales. Strategy-oriented business is much more than the performance of non-planned business stores, indicating the importance of strategy and skills. The same applies to cabinet operators.

Cabinet store sales are significant

For a consumer's arrival, what should the cabinet store do in order to better grasp the customer, how to better introduce them to their cabinet products, these are worth pondering deeply.

The so-called store sales, that is, store marketing refers to the internal and external operations of the store, for the purpose of visiting or passing through the mobile customers to do marketing practices. Store head marketing is a marketing method unique to distribution retail terminals, and its performance in addition to reflecting merchandise, corporate activities, and store promotions, is also a combination of terminal sales force and service force performance. Store marketing is a point along the store, along The market demand and time are launched in depth, which emphasizes the subjective initiative of salespersons, the handling of periodical key events, and the continuity of timeliness.

Store marketing plays a winning role

Although the role of advertising can not be underestimated, but in more daily necessities, small purchases of low-cost goods, the average family does not make budget expenditures based on manufacturers advertising. Even if a large commodity, such as a cabinet, is consciously or unconsciously indoctrinated and accumulated considerable information before it is purchased, it is usually only after seeing genuine cabinetry that the final decision is made. When consumers enter the colorful, dazzling ocean of cupboard brands, they may have forgotten information from mass media such as television, newspapers, and radio. At this time, if manufacturers set up store marketing here, they will insert a compass for consumers who are confused in the ocean of goods, and thus “finish” the consumers, and play the role of miraculous soldiers.

It is not difficult to see that the terminal is winning and the terminal is king. In-store marketing can sometimes stimulate consumers' desire for purchase more often than television newspapers. Further, with the integration of TV and newspaper advertisements, with store marketing as the hub, integrated marketing results of “1+1>2” can be achieved. Store marketing is just like the battlefield battle front, it is the last combat to end the battle.


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