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Wheel bearing equipment and application considerations

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-16

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With the development of technology; the wheel bearing of the car has been the largest in the past is the use of a single row of tapered roller or ball bearing into a wheel hub unit.
The hub bearing unit has been developed to match the bearing unit and the anti-lock brake system. The hub unit is depicted as having an inner flange and an outer flange; the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft; the outer flange is the entire bearing The equipment is together. The reason is that the hub bearing unit is growing in scope and application. The first two generations are: the first generation is composed of double row angular touch bearings. The second generation has one for fixing the bearings on the outer race. The flange can be simply fixed on the axle and fixed with a nut. This makes the repair of the car simple.
Because the vehicle is on the way of travel, because the hub bearing or the hub unit is worn and damaged; it is not suitable and the cost is high; and even the personal safety is damaged. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in the hub equipment and operation:
1. Equipment bearings should be in a clean and tidy environment; fine particles entering the bearing will also shorten the service life of the bearing. It is very important to keep the environment clean when exchanging bearings. It is not allowed to hit the bearing with a hammer; On the ground (maybe a similar disposal is not appropriate). The shaft and housing should also be viewed before the equipment; even small wear will lead to poor cooperation; then lead to early failure of the bearing.
2. When the device locks the nut, the bearing type and the bearing seat are different; the torque is not the same size. Pay attention to the relevant explanation.
3. Because the front wheel causes the working conditions of the bearing failure on both sides to be similar; so even if only one bearing is broken; it is also recommended to exchange in pairs.
4. If you hear the noise announced in the bearing part of the hub; firstly; it is important to find the position of the noise. There are many moving parts that can produce noise; it can also be that some of the transitions and the non-transformed parts have a touch. If it is confirmed in the bearing Noise; bearings can be damaged; demand exchange.
5. Wheel bearings are more sensitive. In any case, the correct method and suitable things are required. In the process of storage and transportation, the components of the bearing can not be damaged. Some bearings require a large pressure to press in; therefore, special equipment is required. Be sure to refer to the car production clarification book.
6. For the hub bearing unit; do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit; otherwise the seal ring will be damaged to cause water or dust to enter. Even the seal ring and the inner ring raceway are damaged, forming the bearing Eternal failure.
7. A hub bearing equipped with an ABS magnetic thrust ring; in order to determine which side the thrust ring is mounted on; it can be used to approach the edge of the bearing with a small weight; the magnetic force generated by the bearing will attract it. The device will have a side of the magnetic thrust ring. Pointing inside; facing the sensitive components of ABS. Note: Incorrect equipment can cause the function of the brake system to fail.
8. There is a magnetic thrust ring in the seal ring bearing the bearing of ABS equipment. This kind of thrust ring can not be bumped, impacted or collided with other magnetic fields. Take it out of the box before the equipment; keep them away from the magnetic. Oysters. When equipment is used for these bearings; the ABS alarm needle on the outer dial is investigated by road condition test; to change the operation of the bearing.
9. Many bearings are sealed; these bearings do not require smooth grease throughout the life. Other unsealed bearings, such as double row tapered roller bearings, are necessary to add grease to the equipment because of the internal cavity of the bearing. Not the same; so it is difficult to determine how much grease to add, the most important thing is to ensure that there are grease in the bearing, if the grease is too much, when the bearing changes, the remaining grease will seep. Usually experienced: in the equipment; The amount should account for 50% of the gap of the bearing.
10. To ensure safety and reliability for the maximum limit; advocate that you always look at the early warning signal that the hub bearing pays attention to whether the bearing can wear regardless of the age of the car: including any conflicting noise during the transition or the suspension combination wheel is not normal during the turn The deceleration of the rear-wheel drive vehicle advocates that the vehicle travels to 38,000 km to deal with the smoothness of the front hub bearing. When exchanging the brake system; look at the bearing and exchange the oil seal.

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