How does SKF bearing distinguish true and false from the surface?

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How does SKF bearing distinguish true and false from the surface?

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-07

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The appearance of SKF bearing surface; SKF bearing appearance directly determines his authenticity. The original Swedish SKF bearing should be viewed under the astigmatism lamp; carefully investigate the surface, crack and other parts of the bearing. Let's share it with us. You should look at some of them to determine if they meet the specifications we need.
5, the quality of the riveting or welding of the cage; the first investigation of whether the rivet head can be biased, tilted, slack, lack of meat or "double eyelids"; the orientation of the welding can be correct; the welding point is too large.焕 蚝 蚝 蚝 蚝 鹂ㄗ 龆逑窒 龆逑窒 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上 以上It is considered as a defective product; severe people may not be inspected. 1. Various mechanical scars; such as abrasion; scratches, crushing, bumps, etc.; will cause poor bearing device; cause eccentric load and stress gathering; form rotation accuracy and use The decrease in the number of lives.
4, peeling and folding; the two shortcomings are not well connected to the base metal; and there are often different degrees of decarburization or carbon-poor appearance; the data simply collapse, underdentation or wear; bearing life and The accuracy is very arrogant.
2, rust, black skin and pitting; the latter two are the shortcomings of simple storage of water and dirt; the simplest to carry out rust. And rust is the source of pollution, causing poor wear, early wear and fatigue; severe corrosion will cause bearings Obsolete.
3, various cracks; such as the original data crack; casting cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks; these cracks in the future bearing operation; will become the source of stress gathering and agile expansion; the formation of bearing break; bearing life And the safety of the work has a great impact. In fact; the bearings for important uses; the bearing factory has 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection of its components.
Therefore, the real SKF bearings can also be seen in appearance; the above only hope to assist those who are planning to purchase SKF bearings.

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