What should I pay attention to when using plastic products?

With the development of the economy, plastic products are increasingly used in all aspects of people's production and life. However, due to the different materials and properties of the products, especially the products contain toxicity, it is important to distinguish whether the plastic products are toxic. So, how to judge whether the plastic is toxic, what should you pay attention to when using it?

1. Understand the performance of the product and distinguish whether it is toxic. This mainly depends on what kind of material is made of plastic, and whether plasticizer or stabilizer is added inside. Plastic food bags, bottles, buckets, kettles, etc., which are generally sold in the market, are mostly polyethylene plastics. They are lubricated by hand, and the surface is like a layer of wax. It is easy to burn, and the flame is yellow and has waxy drops. With a paraffin smell, this plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers, mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, containing lead salt stabilizers. When the plastic is touched by hand, it is sticky, not easy to burn, extinguished from the fire, the flame is green, and the weight is heavier. This plastic is poisonous.
2, do not use plastic products to load oil, vinegar, wine. Even the white translucent bucket sold on the market, although it is non-toxic, it is not suitable for long-term loading of oil and vinegar, otherwise it will easily cause the plastic to swell, and will also oxidize the oil and produce substances harmful to the human body; Also pay attention to the wine, the time should not be too long, too long will reduce the aroma and degree of the wine. It is particularly noteworthy that you should never use toxic polyvinyl chloride to hold oil, vinegar, wine, etc., otherwise it will pollute oil and vinegar.
3, pay attention to maintenance and anti-aging. When people use plastic products, they often encounter hardening, brittleness, discoloration, cracking and performance degradation. This is plastic aging. In order to solve the problem of aging, people often add some anti-aging agents to make plastics slow down their aging speed. In fact, this has not solved the problem fundamentally. In order to make plastic products durable, it is mainly used when used, not exposed to sunlight, not allowed to rain, not on fire or on heating, not always exposed to water or oil.
4. Do not burn the discarded plastic products. As mentioned above, toxic plastics are not easy to burn. Because they burn, they emit black smoke and toxic gases, which are harmful to the environment and the human body. After non-toxic combustion, it will also pollute the environment and affect human health. Various inflammations, etc.

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