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The domestic air purifier mainly solves the eight major pollution categories in the house: dust pollution, adsorbable particulate matter pollution, nicotine pollution, kitchen fume pollution, indoor odor, bacteria, viruses, and chemical pollution caused by decoration and decoration. Whether the air purifier is suitable for the needs of the consumer and achieve the desired actual effect is closely related to the technology of its application. It is necessary to select an air purifier having a corresponding technology according to different indoor pollution.

"Activated carbon adsorption technology" with strong adsorption capacity

Advantages: Strong adsorption capacity, can effectively absorb harmful substances (such as dust, particles, free molecules, bacteria, etc.) in indoor air.

Disadvantages: Activated carbon can only be temporarily adsorbed, and as the temperature and wind speed increase, the adsorbed pollutants may be released, so the filter material should be replaced frequently to avoid adsorption saturation.

"Negative oxygen ion technology" which has significant effects on second-hand smoke pollution and indoor odor elimination.

Advantages: Negative oxygen ion purifier has obvious effect on second-hand smoke pollution and can effectively remove dust, can effectively enhance blood oxygen carrying capacity by about 20% and effectively promote human metabolism to improve sleep, clear effect on indoor odor elimination, and effectively eliminate computer TV, etc. The high-voltage static electricity generated to protect vision and release trace ozone at the same time has a certain sterilization effect.

Disadvantages: Negative oxygen ions have a short life in the air, so they need to be released continuously; the pollution purification effect of formaldehyde benzene series caused by decoration and decoration is very general.

Rapid and thorough "reactive oxygen technology"

Advantages: The inactivation of ozone by bacteria is very rapid, and the thoroughness of sterilization is also unquestionable. When used reasonably, it is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly, thorough and effective purification method. When the concentration reaches a certain value, sterilization can be completed in an instant.

Disadvantages: Excessive ozone has serious harm to human health! High concentration of ozone can cause sore throat, chest tightness and cough. Therefore, it is important to note that when using a purifier that uses ozone sterilization, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to whether the ozone production rate conforms to the national standard. At the same time, when the ozone generator is used to purify the indoor air, the personnel must leave, and the ventilation is completed and the window is ventilated for more than half an hour.

"Electrostatic dust collection technology" that efficiently removes dust, cigarettes, etc.

Advantages: Efficiently remove particulate pollutants in the air, such as dust, soot, pollen, cigarette flavor and kitchen fumes; at the same time, it can effectively absorb gaseous pollutants in the air and filter out pathogenic micro-organisms in the air.

Disadvantages: It is easy to produce ozone, and it only has effect on large particle gases such as particulate matter. It is mainly used for dust removal, and has little effect on chemical pollution caused by removing formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC and other decoration.

"Molecular complexation technology" for treating indoor decoration pollution

Advantages: This technology has obvious effects on the pollution effects of formaldehyde, benzene series and TVOC caused by interior decoration, and it is a targeted special application.

Disadvantages: need to be replaced regularly, especially when the pollution level of new home is high.

"Photocatalyst catalytic decomposition technology" that has ultraviolet light to function

Advantages: high purification efficiency.

Disadvantages: Photocatalyst must be exposed to ultraviolet light. If you can't get the sun's light and want to activate the photocatalyst, you must add UV light to emit ultraviolet light, but too much ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body, so avoid the UV light being exposed.

"HEPA high efficiency filtration technology" with very good filtration efficiency

Advantages: HEPA is an internationally recognized high efficiency filter. The effect of filtering particulate matter is remarkable. It has strong ability to capture particles, has small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The particle purification rate for 0.3 micron is 99.97%. The effect of filtering cigarettes is also significant.

Disadvantages: China's dust is more serious, and the service life of HEPA may be relatively shortened, which means that HEPA filters need to be replaced frequently.

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