How to install the soft biogas tank

How to install soft biogas digesters, red mud biogas bags, soft biogas digesters, rural biogas equipment purchase, software biogas pool cost, please call Hongjing Environmental Protection Technology Manager Q to understand when purchasing software biogas digesters And know those questions? Material material, product thickness, production cycle, bonding process, and secondly, understand the configuration, price, and after-sales warranty and installation problems! Advantages compared with traditional biogas digesters: Hongjing environmental soft and soft biogas digesters use new technology. With red mud, it is resistant to UV, light, corrosion and oxidation. Especially in the southwestern region, the temperature difference between day and night is large. When the biogas digesters are used, the outdoor ultraviolet rays are strong. Even if the ordinary PVC is added, the stabilizer is used for long-term wind and sun, and the biogas pool material is easily decomposed and has no weathering characteristics. The use of soft biogas digester materials, its weather resistance, can bring you more cost savings. Avoid digesting the biogas tank. In general, Hongjing biogas tank can be used for a long time and can be used for 20 years after official measurement. Installation structure of soft biogas digester The installation of traditional biogas digester equipment takes at least half a month, and the software biogas digester can be installed in one hour after being finished into a finished product, which can save more time. And the volume of the soft biogas tank after packaging is not more than 0.2 cubic meters, the gross weight is not more than 13 kilograms, and it is convenient in logistics and transportation. Relocation, construction, and biogas digesters can be taken away and moved. Remove the material. It completely solved the problems of slow construction, difficult to build, difficult to transport, and difficult to install. 1. The endothermic temperature of the biogas fermentation is a key factor, because the fermentation temperature we require is above 10 degrees, the red mud effect is 5-10 degrees higher than that of the general biogas tank, and the biogas tank is absorbing more. After the heat, the gas production is higher. This is a unique advantage that red mud can bring. 2, anti-stress is strong because our use is generally worried about the pressure difference of the pressure, afraid of pressure is too large, leading to explosions, etc., do not dare to install too much gas, in fact, otherwise, users generally have a biogas tank is 2 About a thousand kPa, and the red mud soft biogas digester can withstand 10 kPa, so more than enough. 3. Good air tightness Our products use imported high-temperature welding machines to replace the high-frequency machines of ordinary manufacturers. They are made according to the conditions of air pressure and temperature during production. The airtightness is stronger, and the advantages of the reinforcement of the welded strips are more suitable for the fermentation anaerobic environment. 4, good tensile properties, red mud soft biogas tank stretchability, so that there is room for gas storage, generally 6 cubic meters of gas storage can store 6-6.3 cubic meters of gas, so users are more cost-effective to buy one A suitable software biogas digester is not only a simple problem, but if you have time to visit the factory, a powerful manufacturer is also reassuring in the post-sales problem! Software biogas tank manufacturer installation method For more information about the price of soft biogas pool, please call Hongjing Environmental Protection Technology Manager Q to understand, telephone consultation is more detailed 156 9809 8065 WeChat synchronization How to install the soft biogas tank

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Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With NBR As Binder

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