New technology of Gebin net retaining wall

The new technology of the Gebin network retaining wall, the new technology of the Gebin network retaining wall, as a new type of retaining structure, is an ideal “ecological protection engineering” technology with significant economic benefits and society. Benefits and ecological benefits.
China Hardware Business Network The characteristics of the Gebin Retaining Wall of the Gebin Retaining Wall constitute the Gebin Retaining Wall. The box can be designed and shaped according to the needs and stress characteristics, so that it can be assembled into a beautiful building and improve the road landscape. The Gebin retaining wall is a flexible supporting structure, which can adapt to the uneven deformation of the foundation, so it can be applied to the section with low bearing capacity. At the same time, the Gebin retaining wall can absorb the energy of earthquakes and has strong seismic performance. The cabinet of the Gebin retaining wall can be formed at the factory, and the construction efficiency is high, which can shorten the construction period and save labor. Compared with the gravity retaining wall, the Gebin retaining wall can save the number of completion and reduce the construction cost.
As a new technology, new materials and new technologies, Gebin Retaining Wall has many advantages. The application of Meixi Jingyuan to Longsheng Highway subgrade is relatively successful, with the increase of Gebin Retaining Wall Engineering Practice. As well as the in-depth study of the engineers, the theory and norms of the Gebin retaining wall will be continuously improved, which will lay the foundation for its application.
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