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NSK imported bearing protection strategy

Source: Bearing network time: 2017-10-25

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Top spot: Protection and overhaul of NSK bearings
In order to maintain the original function of the bearing in an outstanding condition for as long as possible; it must be protected, repaired, and prevented from being in the forefront; ensure the reliability of work; improve productivity, economy, and work specifications to protect the most appropriate mechanical working conditions. Timed. Contents include; supervise work conditions, make up or replace lubricants, and view them at regular intervals.
As a maintenance item at work; there are bearing rotation, oscillation, temperature, lubricant condition, etc.
The second aspect: the damage and countermeasures of NSK imported bearings
Usually; if the bearing is used correctly; can be used until the end of the fatigue life is stopped. But there will be accidental premature injury; the condition that is not resistant to use. This early damage; relative to the fatigue life; the pair is called fault or incident The use of the limit of quality. Many causes due to the lack of attention on the device, operation, lubrication; foreign matter invading from the outside; the research on the thermal effects of the shaft and the outer casing is not sufficient.
Regarding the damage condition of the imported bearing; for example, the card bearing of the ferrule of the roller bearing; the reason can be considered; the lack of lubricant, the unsuitability, the shortcomings of the oil supply structure, the foreign matter intrusion, the bearing device error, the shaft deflection The song is too big; there will be coincidences.
Therefore; only inquire about the damage of the imported bearing; it is difficult to know the true cause of the damage. However, if the bearing is used, the operating conditions, the structure around the bearing, and the condition before and after the attack; the damage condition of the bearing and the investigation of several causes Can prevent similar incidents from recurring.
The third aspect: the application of Qingdao NSK bearing matters:
(1) Adhere to the imported bearings and their turnover, even if the dust is not visible to the eyes; it will also have a bad influence on the imported bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the surrounding hygiene; so that the dust does not invade the imported bearings.
(2) Carefully apply in the application to give the imported bearings a strong impact; there will be scars and indentations; the cause of the incident. Under severe conditions; cracks, cracks; so it is necessary to pay attention.
(3) Use appropriate import operations to prevent replacement with existing work bearings; it is necessary to use the right things. We often focus on the importance of things; because there are too many customers who use faulty things in the device. Damage to the imported bearings.
Pay attention to the corrosion of imported bearings (4) When operating imported bearings; the sweat on the hands will become the cause of rust. Pay attention to the use of clean hands; the best possible gloves.

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