Guessing and avoiding bearing failure

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Guessing and avoiding bearing failure

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1. Guessing, avoiding the early failure of bearings In the important mechanical equipment, the service life of the bearing is an important goal; knowing and grasping the working condition of the bearing; guessing and avoiding the early failure of the bearing is very necessary. Generally there are the following primary methods.
(1) Select advanced skills; improve the life and reliability of bearings. Including layout optimization and depiction, transformation of processing technology, selection and refinement of materials, high-efficiency and smooth, fine equipment and equipment, etc.
(2) Strengthen the quality inspection and supervision of bearing products; ensure that the quality of bearing products reaches the relevant specifications or depicting requirements.
(3) Strengthen the monitoring and diagnosis of bearing operation conditions; detect abnormalities early; use avoidance measures to avoid major losses that can be formed by sudden incidents.
2. The diagnosis and detection system of the disease is a modern bearing fault diagnosis skill; it is linked with the fine test system and monitoring method. The current practice is more sophisticated than the sophisticated detection system.
(1) After the bearing pulse side vibration equipment bearing wears (or fatigues off); oscillation occurs; the receiver converts the mechanical pulse signal into an electrical signal and expands. When the number of pulses exceeds the normal scale and reaches a sudden change; immediately alarm; bearing stop use.
(2) Bearing temperature alarm equipment bearing smoothness, wear or fatigue will make the appearance of heat; when the heat reaches a certain limit temperature; both alarm; bearing stop operation.
(3) punctuality detection of the current state of the bearing in operation; discovering or monitoring the existing development of shortcomings.
(4) The sample of smooth grease of the working bearing is taken punctually by the iron spectrum diagnosis method; the number, scale and shape characteristics of the abrasive grains between them are detected by the iron spectrometer; the degree of fatigue and wear can be found; and the sign of bearing failure is found.

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