Balcony decoration is also stressful

Closed balcony considerations

In the home decoration project, it is generally necessary to carry out the operation of sealing the balcony, especially the bottom floor of the building, and the balcony should be treated. Blocking the balcony can prevent the lawless elements from entering the home on the one hand, and help to block the invasion of sand, dust and rain on the other hand. In the case of relatively tight living conditions, the closed balcony can also be used as a space for writing, reading, storage and fitness exercises.

Form of balcony

There are two types of balconies that are constructed. One is a hood cover. This method can only achieve the effect of security and theft, other functions can not be played, can be used in the case of loose living conditions. The other is blocked in the form of windows, the most common form. From the appearance of the balcony, there are two kinds of flat seals and convex seals. After the plane is sealed, it is a plane with the facade of the building. It is a common balcony shape. After the balcony is closed, the window protrudes from the wall and has a wider window sill. It is more convenient to use, but the construction is more complicated. It is.

Balcony material

Generally, the balcony can be made of plastic steel window, aluminum alloy window, real window, and open steel window. The difference is that the plastic steel window has good weather resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation are better, but the price is more expensive, the color is relatively simple; aluminum The alloy window has good weather resistance and anti-aging ability, but the heat insulation is not as good as other materials. The color is only white and tea. The price is slightly lower than that of plastic steel. The solid wood window can make rich shape and use more. The color and decorative effect are good, but the wood has poor anti-aging ability and large changes in heat and cold expansion.

Balcony construction specification

Regardless of whether plastic steel windows or aluminum alloy windows are used, the size of the balcony closing surface should be accurately measured before sealing the balcony. The window frame and fan are processed according to the size of the construction site and delivered to the construction site. Before installation, the window size should be checked to match the size of the opening of the balcony.

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