LF-series brushless electric torque screwdriver

Mountz, Inc.'s new high-efficiency LF-series brushless electric torque screwdriver

LF-series brushless electric torque screwdriver This series of products adopts Swiss Maxon brushless motor design to reduce the maintenance cost of general electric screwdrivers. In addition, the expensive mechanical micro-switches are eliminated, and the electromagnetic sensors without touch are changed. The product has a long life and does not require regular repair or replacement of parts consumables (such as carbon bristles, rotors, switches or other contact points). The heat generated by the motor is reduced, maintaining a high level of performance and product quality. This product ensures product quality, low cost and low failure rate. This product is also ESD (electrostatic discharge) certified.

In addition, "overheat protection" and "prevent over current" protection devices are also installed to avoid damage or malfunction. The overheat protection device detects overheating and powers down the product, then resets the product after it has returned to normal. The product is also equipped with an LED warning device to inform the operation status at any time. The LF series can be set to "press start" or "lever start", covering torque ranges from 0.8 to 15.6 inches-pounds. This product can be connected to a screw counter to detect or remove errors in screw tightening.

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