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Six bearing specifications

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1. Specification number: JB/T 2974 2004
Specification Title: Supplementary Provisions for the Rolling Bearing Code Method Alternative Specification Number: JB/T 2974 1993
2. Specification number: JB/T 3016 2004
Specification title: Rolling bearing box skill condition replacement specification number: JB/T 3016 1991 JB/T 3017 1991
3. Specification number: JB/T 4036 2004
Specification title: Rolling bearing transport tray and large wooden box replacement specification number: JB/T 4036 1993
4. Specification number: JB/T 6637 2004
Specification Title: Rolling Bearing Normalizer Skill Condition Replacement Specification Number: JB/T 6637 1993
5. Specification number: JB/T 6639 2004
Specification title: Rolling bearing parts skeleton type nitrile rubber seal ring skill condition replacement specification number: JB/T 6639 1993
6. Specification number: JB/T 6642 2004
Specification: Rolling bearing parts roundness and waviness error measurement and identification method Replacement specification number: JB/T 6642 1993
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