Tunneling machinery

The axial pressure and the rotational force of the tool are used to crush the rock surface, and directly break the roadway or the well-forming machinery of the rock. The knives used have disc hobs, wedge hobs, ball hobs and milling tools. According to the different roadways, it is divided into a patio rig, a shaft rig and a tunnel boring machine.

1Patio drilling rig, which is specially used for drilling patios and chutes. Generally, it does not need to enter the patio operation. The cone hole is used to drill the pilot hole first, and the reamer composed of the disc hob is used to ream the hole upward.

2 Shaft drilling rig is specially used for drilling and drilling wells, consisting of drilling system, slewing device, derrick, drilling hoisting system and mud circulation system.

3 roadway boring machine, which is a comprehensive mechanized equipment that combines mechanical rock breaking and slagging processes and continuously digs. It is mainly used in engineering tunnels in coal roads and soft mines and Zhongping Lane in medium-hardness ore. Digging in.

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