How to rescue the floor after encountering the "flood"?

Analysis of the cause of water soaking

At present, the common causes of “floods” of households mainly come from pipeline leakage, which can be divided into:

1. Large area of ​​water: the water pipe is cracked and the water is running.

2. Partial water soaking: water pipe dripping, concealed pipeline seepage, heating pipe dripping, water dispenser leaking, bathtub leaking, etc.

Soaking water reaction

1. The edge of the floor joint is deformed.

2. The kickboard deforms and bulges.

Treatment plan

According to experts, if consumers encounter similar situations, they must fully preserve the evidence in the following ways. While minimizing losses, they will also provide sufficient evidence for future division of responsibilities and claims.

1. Find and cut off the water source in time. 2. Clean the water on the floor. 3. Notify the property and related manufacturers in a timely manner. 4. Take photos of the scene to use as evidence in the event of a dispute.

Floor repair

1. Large area of ​​water: For a variety of reasons, the floor area is soaked in water, and the amount of water is large. At the same time, the floor manufacturer is notified to clean the floor and the floor is removed in the shortest possible time. Because the rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen are generally not waterproof, it is necessary to clean the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid further damage caused by soaking downstairs.

2. Partial soaking water: cut off the water source and clean the water on the ground in time to observe whether the floor has obvious changes. If there is obvious warping reaction, the floor manufacturer can be notified to perform partial replacement. The worker will perform partial dismantling according to the site conditions and calculate Calculate the floor area required for maintenance and calculate the related expenses.

3. Partial replacement of the floor: Before the worker comes to the door, it is necessary to check the inventory and batch conditions of the floor to be changed, because only the floor with the same floor color and specifications can be used, otherwise it cannot be repaired.

4. Overall replacement, partial replacement of the floor: It is best to dry the ground for about two weeks while maintaining normal ventilation. After the ground is dry, refill it.

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