Bamboo fiber textile health care is unclear

Recently, bamboo fiber textiles, which are known as “bacteriostatic, deodorizing and moisture absorbing”, have been loved by many consumers, but many merchants have labeled “anti-ultraviolet rays”, “release negative ions” and “anti-radiation”. Function, some consumers expressed doubts about this. Experts said that bamboo fiber products can indeed inhibit bacteria and deodorize, but the health functions are mostly gimmicks, consumers should be careful to avoid ignorance.

Bamboo fiber products are generally expensive

In the market, some underwear, bedding, curtains, etc., because of their bamboo fiber material, are much more expensive than cotton products. For example, a cotton ordinary towel is about 10-20 yuan, a bamboo fiber towel price is as high as 60-70 yuan, and a bamboo fiber four-piece bedding product is also set at 2,000 yuan. According to the salesperson, this bamboo fiber product is soft and smooth, moisture-absorbing and breathable. More importantly, bamboo fiber products can also inhibit bacteria and deodorize compared with other materials.

Even more amazing is that many bamboo fiber products also claim to have a health function. A shop named “Hengmei Home Textiles” in Taobao Tmall Mall said in a four-piece bedding product description that bamboo fiber can “improve sleep quality”, “release negative ions, improve human breathing” and “exclude skin impurities”. , improve the complexion and so on.

In the survey, the reporter also found that in addition to bamboo fiber products, there are bamboo charcoal products, most salesmen confuse them. The reporter interviewed the consumer Ms. Wang, she said that this product can deodorize is still good, "As for health, it is estimated to be embarrassing?"

Bamboo fiber is not equal to bamboo fiber

Does this product really have antibacterial, deodorizing and health-keeping functions? After the recommendation of the China Textile Business Association, the reporter contacted Gu Yulu, a senior engineer specializing in chemical fiber technology research by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group. According to Gu Yulu, the bamboo fiber is fine, stable and uniform, and has a unique resilience. Therefore, it has a special velvet feel and is soft and not tied. Since the cross section is covered with large and small oval pores, it can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water in an instant, and has the characteristics of moisture absorption and ventilation. Bamboo fiber is also known as "breathing fiber" due to its hollow height in cross section.

Does bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber belong to the same material? In fact, the two are completely different. Gu Yulu said that although both are related to bamboo, bamboo fiber refers to cellulose fiber processed from naturally grown bamboo; bamboo charcoal fiber refers to carbon which is made into nano particles by high temperature oxidation and calcination of bamboo into charcoal. The powder is then added to the viscose or acrylic fiber and then to the fiber product which is woven by a conventional spinning process. Experts said that because of the adsorption of bamboo charcoal particles, the bamboo charcoal fiber has a good deodorizing and moisture absorption effect when the bamboo charcoal content is high, but the bamboo charcoal content is not only related to the content of bamboo charcoal fiber in the finished product, but also added during processing. The number of bamboo charcoal particles is related. If the merchant puts these two concepts together for publicity, then consumers should be careful to be cheated when they buy.

Does have antibacterial and deodorizing effects

Most of the bamboo fiber products are curtains, underwear and bedding. The main advantage of the merchants is "antibacterial and deodorizing". For this function, Gu Yulu said, “Real bamboo fiber products do have the function of inhibiting bacteria and deodorizing, but there are many cases in the market where cotton textiles are used to impersonate bamboo fibers.” In addition to viewing the test results, consumers The antibacterial and deodorizing effect of bamboo fiber can also be felt in life. Ms. Zhao, who is accustomed to using bamboo fiber towels, said: "When the rainy season, wet cotton towels and bamboo fiber towels are placed in the bathroom, and the time required for bamboo fiber towels to emit odor is about twice that of cotton towels." But experts It is pointed out that the effect of bacteriostatic and deodorizing is also related to the content of bamboo fiber in textiles. The higher the content, the better the effect of bacteriostatic and deodorizing.

Some towel product labels indicate that "70% bamboo fiber 30% cotton" indicates that it is not all bamboo fiber products? Gu Yulu pointed out that this system is normal, the terry part is bamboo fiber, and the edge and bottom are cotton fiber. Otherwise, the stability is not good, and it is easy to break after being wet. If you encounter a business claim that 100% of the product is made of bamboo fiber, consumers should be cautious when purchasing.

Health function is mostly hoe

Some merchants promote bamboo fiber textiles to "release far infrared rays, heat storage and warmth", "block electromagnetic radiation, promote blood circulation", "rich in potassium and calcium, promote health", bamboo fiber products are so amazing? Yulu said that these functions are impossible to detect and confirm, consumers should not believe. The heat storage is not because the bamboo fiber can release the far infrared rays, but because the hollow structure unique to the bamboo fiber blocks the heat transfer and the warmth performance is better. However, experts say that bamboo fiber does have UV protection. The transmission rate of 200nm-400nm UV is almost zero, but it is only reflected when it is used to process T-shirts or curtains, but the effect is not So obvious.

Price is too low, buy carefully

When you first purchase, it is best to go to the regular shopping mall and touch the product yourself. The real thing is meaty and not tied. People who use it often can easily distinguish it from the hand.

Look at the gloss of the product. If the product has a particularly bright luster, it is more likely to be a fake.

The price is too low to buy carefully. Experts said that the price of a bamboo fiber towel is relatively reasonable between 20 and 120 yuan. If the price is less than 20 yuan, it is best not to buy it.

From raw material processing to finished products, after a lot of processes, the finished product is unlikely to retain the smell of bamboo. Even if it is a real product, it is impossible to smell the fresh taste of bamboo.

Washing attention to water and temperature

1. Washing should not be washed with alkaline water. It is recommended to use neutral or weakly acidic water for washing. Alkaline water has damage to bamboo fiber, which has an effect on the effect of bacteriostatic and deodorizing and the durability of the fiber. However, when re-used, the body will sweat, the sweat is acidic, and the antibacterial function will be restored.

2. The water temperature should not be too low when washing. If the temperature is too low, the bamboo fiber fabric will be hard. After soaking in warm water, it will return to softness.  

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