Rubber machinery safety standardization

The EU regards the implementation of European directives and technical standards as an entry condition for a product to enter the European market. So far, CEN has completed more than 600 to 700 safety standards. Among the Class C standards, there are 16 standards for rubber and plastics machinery, which were developed by 14 working groups in TC145.

At present, China's rubber plastic machinery, plastic machinery safety standards mostly use European EN standards. The European Committee for Standardization CEN is the main provider of European standards (EN) and technical specifications. Since 1985, the European Union has established dozens of safety-related standardization technical committees. Among them, CEN/TC145 is responsible for the development of “rubber and plastic machinery”. Technical Committee for Safety Standards.

In addition to the 16 standards of the European Committee for Standardization and Technicalization, some developed countries have adopted these standards to varying degrees.

These standards generally include definitions of product safety requirements, hazard enumeration, safety requirements and measures, verification of safety requirements and measures, and safe use information.

On December 2, 2010, Mr. Claudio Celate, Chairman of CEN/TC145, and his party exchanged views on the standardization of rubber and plastic machinery between China and Europe in Beijing and the National Standardization Management Committee and the National Rubber and Plastic Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. In the exchange, through the introduction of President Celate, we learned a few things:

(1) TC145 is responsible for the revision of the technical standards for rubber and plastic machinery in Europe. The standard itself is not mandatory, but the European directive requires rubber and plastic machinery products to meet the corresponding safety and health requirements. When the EN standard established by TC145 is not used, Relevant supporting documents are required to indicate that rubber and plastic machinery products meet the corresponding safety and health requirements. According to the current statistics, basically 100% of rubber and plastic machinery products in the EU countries are in compliance with the TC145 standard, because it is the most convenient and effective method to comply with the TC145 standard.

(2) At present, Chinese companies are increasingly concerned about the European market, and China's rubber and plastic machinery is increasingly entering the European market. However, some Chinese rubber and plastic machinery products, although they have the CE mark, do not fully comply with the TC145 standard.

(3) CEN/TC145 newly established the 17th working group and the tire setting vulcanizing machine working group in December 2009, which coincides with the national standard for the safety requirements of the tire setting vulcanizing machine formulated by our SAC/TC71. The goals of both parties in promoting the safety performance of rubber and plastic machinery products are consistent.


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