The 18th National Congress Spokesperson: The foundation for economic stabilization is not yet solid enough

Cai Mingzhao, a spokesman for the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, said in response to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists today that China is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, and the long-term trend has not changed. Cai Mingzhao said that since the beginning of this year, in the face of complex and severe domestic and international environments, we have adhered to the general tone of steady progress and strengthened and improved macroeconomic regulation and control. In particular, since May, a series of pre-adjusted and fine-tuned policy measures have been introduced. Market confidence and economic stability have played a positive role. Judging from the combination of major macroeconomic indicators, China's economic and social development is good, economic growth is stabilizing, and some positive changes are continuing. With a series of policy measures gradually implemented, the Chinese economy is expected to stabilize further. Cai Mingzhao said that we are also clearly aware that China's economic and social development still faces many difficulties and challenges. From an international perspective, the international financial crisis has far-reaching effects, the pace of recovery of the world economy is slow, and competition in the international market is more intense. All kinds of protectionism are on the rise, and we still face many constraints in foreign trade. From the domestic perspective, the foundation for economic stability is not yet stable. At the same time, the problems of unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable economic and social development are still outstanding, and the institutional mechanisms for scientific development need to be further improved. Cai Mingzhao said that we will continue to adhere to the general tone of steady progress, put stable growth in a more important position, strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation, effectively implement the various policies and measures that have been introduced, and strengthen policies according to actual conditions. Pre-adjust and fine-tune to promote steady and rapid economic development. "Overall, China is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. The long-term trend has not changed, the potential for domestic demand is huge, and the development space is huge." Cai Mingzhao said. Cai Mingzhao said that we are fully qualified and capable of overcoming all kinds of difficulties on the road ahead and achieving longer-term, higher-level and better quality development. "We are full of confidence in the future development of the Chinese economy."

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