Cork flooring features and maintenance tips

Cork flooring is a floor covering material that is processed with special techniques and equipment using cork pellets and elastomeric adhesives, typically having a thickness of 3.2 mm to 4 mm. Strictly speaking, cork is not wood, it is the bark of oak. The main component of cork, softwood fiber, consists of dead cells in the shape of polyhedrons, and the space between cells is filled with a gas mixture almost the same as air. The special structure and composition make cork have a series of special properties: light weight, flexible and compressive, strong impermeability, moisture and corrosion resistance, poor conductivity, thermal and acoustic insulation, friction resistance, non-flammable. Just because cork is made up of countless airbags, there are countless small suction cups on the surface. When people walk on it, when the footsteps are in contact with the ground, the cork floor will slightly absorb the footsteps on the ground, reducing the relative displacement between the footsteps and the floor. The friction is reduced, thereby prolonging the wear resistance and service life of the floor, and further reducing noise and sound absorption.

Cork composite flooring has the following characteristics: reasonable structure, good dimensional stability, no cracking or tilting in the case of drastic changes in temperature and humidity, no corrosion; good thermal insulation performance, summer can reduce outdoor hot air Invasion, in winter, indoor hot air can be prevented from leaking through the ground; cork is a very good insulator, especially suitable for places with many electronic instruments and anti-static; the foot feels comfortable and natural, and can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall. It is good for children's bone growth and protects the knees of adults, especially the elderly.

Now introduce the maintenance tips for cork flooring:

1. After the floor is installed for 24 hours, the furniture can be placed on the floor, and the movement of people on it should be minimized within 24 hours.

2. When cleaning the floor, do not rinse, polish or clean with decontamination powder.

3. The maintenance of the surface painted cork floor is the same as that of the solid wood floor. Generally, the floor wax is used once every six months; usually, it is only necessary to use a wringed mop or a rag to wipe. Places that are difficult to clean are removed with a special cleaner.

4, to avoid a strong impact on the floor, carrying furniture to lift the benefits, can not drag, furniture legs have mats.

5. It is recommended to lay a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor.

6. When you are away from home, please close the windows, doors, especially the faucet, so as not to let the rain or drip soak the floor.

7. When testing the water in winter, people must be kept at home to prevent the heating from running the water and destroying the floor.

Maintenance of cork wall panels:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner, tweezers, and a semi-dry rag.

2. If it is a waxed wallboard, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

3, local stains can be wiped with an eraser, can not be removed with a sharp weapon.


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