Solar-powered LED light

Solar-powered LED light

Solar charging, charging the phone, playing music...

Market price: 268 yuan / Taiwan preferential price: 188 yuan / Taiwan reservation quantity: 20

Today, Xiao Bian brings you a new generation of high-power LED comfort lights, its advantages are really too much! This table lamp has no flicker, no radiation, no glare, can be said to be a true green zero carbon pollution light source. In addition to the simple lighting function, it also has built-in activated carbon, which can effectively adsorb dust particles in the air and remove odors from the air. It is also a multimedia speaker that can play audio multimedia music. The coolest thing is that the lamp of this desk lamp can be charged with high-efficiency solar energy, green energy, energy saving and environmental protection. While supplying power to the desk lamp, it can also charge most mobile phones on the market through its own charging cable.

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