Paying attention to the development of the flooring industry requires management

Pay attention to the development of the enterprise Floor companies must identify directions, reject temptations, adjust structures, and reduce costs before they can survive. Premier Wen Jiabao said: Confidence is more important than gold. Of course, to make a sober judgment must follow the laws of science.

Enterprises can use strategic analysis, strategy formulation and selection, and strategic implementation of PEST analysis, five-force model, SWOT analysis, balanced scorecards and other related management tools to timely adjust strategies and establish crisis response strategies. As far as floor companies are concerned, industrial upgrading, product structure adjustment, market structure reorganization, technology upgrading, and brand building are the means and methods that companies can use. "The East is not bright in the West," and its exports to the United States have fallen. Exports to Southeast Asia have been increasing. There are fewer floor-processing orders for a few square meters and only a few dollars are made. New types of floorboards developed and designed by the company can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. The customer is affected by the financial turmoil. The guarantee of payment is poor. Insured export credit insurance can reduce the risk of the enterprise; if the dollar depreciates, you can try the euro or even *** settlement... Of course, each of these topics is for the enterprise. It is difficult to make clear-headed judgments, but “they are human-oriented”. The process of solving problems is the process in which companies respond to the crisis of existence and seek for development opportunities.

According to the actual situation of the enterprise, human resources policies and strategies should be timely sorted and adjusted, and costs can not be reduced simply through layoffs or salary reduction measures. The above-mentioned flooring company redesigned the production line of the assembly line. The production line that originally required 30 people to operate was able to complete the same production task after only 50% of the original capacity standard after equipment modification and process redesign. . The application of these management measures inevitably leads to the adjustment of the number of employees and the employment structure of the enterprise, the reduction of general operating positions, the increase of technical positions, the decrease in the number of low-quality required positions, the increase in the number of highly specialized positions, and the human resources management of enterprises. Policies will also undergo major changes. As a responsible company, whether it is standing in its own interests or fulfilling its social responsibilities, it should handle its own corporate problems. For large-scale or stronger companies, an employee-assisted plan should also be established to help employees adapt to changes in their psychological aspects so that they can establish confidence and start a new career plan.

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