Prevention and cure method of cabbage heartburn

Chinese cabbage is a common vegetable in life. It is delicious and delicious, and is very popular among people. In the process of planting Chinese cabbage, some diseases will inevitably occur. Among them, heartburn is a common disease. The occurrence of heartburn seriously affects the yield of Chinese cabbage. This article will introduce the prevention and control methods of Chinese cabbage heartburn.

The occurrence of heartburn in cabbage causes a stagnant backlog of cabbage. The symptoms, causes, and prevention methods of the disease are as follows: for reference:

First, the cause of the disease is a physiological disease, mostly in heavy planting, drought and less rain, excessive application of ammonium sulfate fertilizer vegetable fields. Heavy sputum, drought, and large-scale application of ammonium sulphate are easy to make the water-soluble calcium in the soil lack, which will cause the content of manganese in the soil to decrease, leading to heartburn.

Second, the onset of symptoms Chinese cabbage burning heart disease in the rosette stage, the symptoms after the ball is obvious, the most serious degree of storage. After the onset, the top edge of the Chinese cabbage leaf was rolled outward, and the leaf edge gradually dried up and yellowed. As the lesion spread, the upper part of the leaf gradually became yellow and dry, showing a dry paper shape. The diseased leaves and the robust leaves were distinct. The diseased leaves are mainly concentrated in the middle of the leaf ball, and most of the seriously diseased leaves are yellow, which seriously affects the quality of Chinese cabbage.

Third, the prevention and treatment methods after the onset of prevention and treatment is not very good. When selecting a plot, you should choose a plot that has not been planted with cruciferous vegetables for 2-3 years to avoid heavy cropping. Fertilization should be based on base fertilizer, supplemented by topdressing, adding organic fertilizer and applying chemical fertilizer in moderation. Avoid excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, especially the ammonium sulfate nitrogen fertilizer should reduce the dosage, increase the application amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, promote the balanced absorption of various nutrients in Chinese cabbage, and improve the disease prevention and disease resistance. Ensure water supply during growth, increase the content of water-soluble manganese in the soil, especially in the seedling stage and rosette period, watering in time to keep the soil moist and prevent drought. In the Chinese cabbage seedling stage and rosette stage, 0.7% manganese sulfate solution was used for foliar topdressing, 50 liters per acre, a total of 2-3 times to meet the needs of Chinese cabbage for manganese.

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