What are the interior decoration design effects?

Home improvement is a cumbersome thing, we will encounter many problems when we are decorating. However, there are renovations that cannot be avoided. Some people really don't understand the decoration, they will check some online, interior decoration design renderings. Take a look at how others are decorated. Look for the inspiration for the decoration. Then I will introduce to you what the interior decoration design effect is. What should I pay attention to when decorating.


First, what are the effects of interior decoration design?

1. There are more and more specialized styles. There are also many styles of interior decoration design effects. Nowadays, the European style is simpler. This kind of decoration effect is the style that young people prefer now. European minimalist style. Designed with clear lines and cool colors. In the space matching, hi is more elegant.

2, there is also the Chinese interior decoration design effect, this decoration style is more ancient Chinese charm, some antiques or painting and calligraphy lovers will like this effect, more wood materials, whether it is decoration materials or Furniture are choice Some of the colors are a bit deeper, and some wood materials have a certain collection value.

3, there is rural style. This style of decoration is more fresh and beautiful. In the decoration, the choice of wallpaper is more elegant. More to the color of the top with a pattern. Choose a light green or light pink color. The pattern above can make small floral or straight stripes, these are the better decorative patterns.


Second, what are the interior decoration steps?

1. No matter what kind of house decoration steps are to be renovated. The first is to determine the style of decoration. Then it is to measure the area of ​​each room. The specific area that is free to master can be well planned. After buying the materials, the workers should be renovated. The first decoration is the roof TV wall and the kitchen and bathroom roof. These are the work of carpentry. In the renovation is every step to do fine.

2, it is to decorate the wall. There are many kinds of materials for wallpaper or wall covering. You can choose different decoration materials for different decoration effects. The floor should be installed when the wall is finished. The floor can be tiled or wooden. The decoration effect of these two floors is very good. This home improvement is complete.


Third, pay attention to what is in the interior decoration design

1. Pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the space when designing the interior. Whether it is the area and the comparison of the room, or the relatively small room is a space-oriented arrangement. There is a certain amount of activity space left. Covering it will not be very boring.

2, there are also when choosing materials, pay attention to the choice of materials must be green.

The above describes some of the interior design effects of the style, what kind of effect do you prefer? You can also choose the style described above to decorate when you decorate. Hope can help you. There are rules to follow when decorating. So the renovation steps are very important. You can save a lot of time during the renovation. There are also places to pay attention to at every step of the renovation. Having said that, have you learned how to decorate a house? To learn more about home improvement, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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