Precautions for how to use aluminum-zinc plate

Aluminum-clad zinc plate is one of the common plates in our life. The reason why it is trusted by most people is because it has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, heat reflectivity and other advantages. But how about the aluminum-clad zinc plate, have you checked the information? Today I will introduce to you how the aluminum-clad zinc plate is, and the precautions for using the aluminum-clad zinc plate.

How about aluminum-clad zinc plate

1. The aluminum-clad zinc plates we use in daily life are also called aluminum-zinc steel plates by most people. It is a high-tech sheet formed by aluminum, zinc and silicon according to a certain proportion after high temperature development. The crystal is a dense structure and can prevent any corrosion factors from passing through the interior of the sheet.

2. The structure of aluminum-clad zinc plate contains aluminum, also because of the existence of aluminum, when zinc is subjected to wear, it will chemically react with aluminum to form alumina, which is a dense structure. Can effectively prevent further corrosion of corrosives.

3. The heat resistance of the aluminum-clad zinc plate is relatively strong, even if the outside temperature reaches 300 degrees, it can still be kept intact. Its properties are similar to aluminum plated steel. It is widely used in daily life, such as chimney, oven, fluorescent lampshade and so on.

4. The heat reflectivity of the aluminum-clad zinc plate is very high, even about 2 times higher than that of the galvanized steel plate, and because of this, it will also be used as a thermal insulation material.

5. The density of the aluminum-coated zinc plate is smaller than that of the galvanized steel plate, so in the two materials of the same quality and the same thickness, the area of ​​the aluminum-coated zinc plate will be about 3 times larger.

Precautions for using aluminum-clad zinc plate

1. In normal times, the aluminum-clad zinc plate is best kept indoors for storage, and it needs to be kept dry and ventilated at all times. Do not store it in a highly acidic environment, and do not contact with water to avoid the formation of oxidized stains on the surface, which not only shortens the life of the aluminum-zinc plate, but also reduces the aesthetics.

2. When transporting aluminum-zinc-coated sheets, special attention is required. Do not let them collide, and SKID supporting steel coils are required. The rain-proof measures must be taken to prevent rain from hitting the aluminum-zinc-coated sheets. Board, causing damage to the board.

3. COILCENTER shearing is required when processing aluminum-coated zinc plates, and the lubricating oil used should be the same as that of aluminum plates. After processing or cutting the aluminum-zinc-coated board, the iron filings scattered on the ground should be disposed of in time.

Editor's Conclusion: After reading the aluminum-zinc -coated sheet and the precautions for using the aluminum-zinc-coated sheet, you should now understand why many people prefer to use the aluminum-zinc-coated sheet. In daily storage of aluminum-zinc-coated materials, it is necessary to avoid getting water on it to avoid chemical reactions and damage to the original structure.

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