Green technology of dairy cows helps to increase the quality of fresh milk

Organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and led by the Beijing Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, the project "Research and Demonstration of Integrated Models for Green Development of Dairy Cows" has significantly improved the quality of raw milk in the pilot area. This is what the reporter learned from the observation meeting held in Ningxia on August 15.

The project, launched in 2015, was jointly participated by 14 innovation teams of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as 8 scientific research institutes, universities, technology promotion departments and many enterprises outside the institute. Through comprehensive technology integration and high-efficiency production model research and demonstration applications, the project has targeted 3-5 sets of dairy cow quality improvement and efficiency enhancement technology models, 5-8 sets of technical specifications, and demonstration areas in response to the demand for dairy farming technology in different regions and scales in China. The yield and feed conversion rate of dairy cows were 10.7 tons and 1.5, respectively, which were 78.3% and 66.7% higher than 2015 respectively; the average calving interval was shortened by 13.2%. In particular, the quality of raw milk has been significantly improved. The content of milk fat and milk protein in raw milk has reached 3.95% and 3.29%, respectively. Compared with 2015, the cost per kilogram of milk feed and total cost were reduced by 21.3% and 12.3%, respectively. According to the researcher Bu Dengpan, the chief expert of the project, the project mainly promoted 11 technologies such as the green and efficient production technology system of dairy cows combining farming and animal husbandry, the internet + application technology of dairy farms, and determined the Shandong Qingdao Aote dairy cattle breeding farm (family ranch), Heilongjiang Provincial Jiusan Nongken Xinhai Dairy Farm Professional Cooperative Dairy Farm (medium scale), Ningxia Helan Zhongdi Ecological Ranch Co., Ltd. Ranch (Intensive Ranch) and other three core bases, and radiate and drive 9 demonstration bases. In addition, the "Grain to Feed-High Quality Silage Action Plan China Trip" project in line with the implementation of the Grain to Feed policy has also achieved remarkable results. In the Ningxia demonstration site alone, last year, 1.617 million mu of high-quality forages were planted, 60,000 mu of high-yield and high-quality alfalfa demonstration bases were built, 59,000 tons of alfalfa silage was processed, 634,000 acres of corn silage were promoted, and 2.17 million tons of whole plant corn silage were processed.

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