Investigation on the Survival Status of Biodiesel Listed Companies

Up to now, there are a total of five biodiesel companies listed on the NEEQ. As the leading group in the biodiesel industry, the exploration of the development roads and the adherence to the industry by these five listed companies will inject some hope into the survival of the industry.

Status: The biodiesel industry has frequently stopped working, and the shutdown rate is as high as 95%.

"We have been sticking to it." Li Aijun, chairman and general manager of Jin Lihai, told reporters on the phone that this is the most important factor for Jin Lihai to break through the difficulties and achieve listing.

Another listed company, Jingzhou Dadi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., landed on the New Third Board on September 25 last year. Li Liangbin, chairman of the company, also said, "The ten years of the company's establishment is a very difficult ten years of industrial development. Our belief is that Persevere, it is hard to protect production."

The background of the word "persistence" frequently appears that the biodiesel industry is now in a state of frequent work stoppages, and the shutdown rate is as high as 95%. In fact, this is an industry that should not be attributed to desolate.

Compared with traditional petrochemical diesel, biodiesel has a very obvious environmental advantage. Because the raw materials of the production do not contain harmful substances such as sulfur, the emission of toxic organic substances in the exhaust gas using biodiesel is only one tenth, the particulate matter is 20% of ordinary diesel, and the emission of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is only 10% of petrochemical diesel. . Moreover, the biodegradability of biodiesel is as high as 98%, and the degradation rate is twice that of ordinary diesel, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by accidental leakage.

In the 1990s, some countries and regions in the United States, Europe, and Asia began to establish commercial biodiesel production bases, and widely used biodiesel as an alternative fuel. China's development and utilization of biodiesel is relatively late, and the real realization of large-scale intervention began in 2005.

Unlike the foreign biofuel industry, which uses soybean oil, rapeseed oil and palm oil as the main raw materials, China implements “no food competition with people, no competition for food”. It is strictly forbidden to produce biodiesel with edible oils and fats as raw materials. It also gives China's unique characteristics of the biodiesel industry – using waste oil as the main raw material. It can be seen that biodiesel not only has environmental benefits, but also has huge social benefits, which provides an extremely effective solution for China's huge waste oil production, which should be promoted.

The Renewable Energy Law, implemented in 2006, officially included biodiesel into the “regular army” and clearly stated “encourage the production and utilization of bio-liquid fuels. Oil-selling enterprises should incorporate bio-liquid fuels that meet national standards into their fuel sales systems”; In the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Special Funds for Renewable Energy Development", biodiesel is used as an alternative to renewable energy development and utilization of petroleum products, and it is required to give priority support; in 2014, the most important industrial policy - "Biodiesel Industry Development Policy" officially Introduced.

尴尬: China’s biodiesel has to be on the “black market” to become a bargain

The sunrise industry, which has been sought after abroad, has fallen into an extremely embarrassing situation in China. Due to the fact that the industry is dominated by private enterprises and cannot enter the refined oil market, China's biodiesel has to embark on the “black market” and become a cheap commodity. According to Sun Shanlin, secretary-general of the National Biodiesel Industry Collaboration Group, in Europe, the price of biodiesel is 100-200 euros/ton higher than that of ordinary diesel, but in China it is lower than 800-1000 yuan/ton. In the second half of 2014, after the international crude oil price began to fall sharply, the sales price of refined oil decreased, which squeezed the living space of biodiesel.
Compared with other clean and renewable energy industries, the biodiesel industry is not “favored”. Li Aijun said: "Although the industrial policy was introduced, due to the lack of implementation rules, the localities have not been implemented well." The subsidies are not increased or decreased. According to him, the Ministry of Finance has given the biodiesel industry a policy of canceling the consumption tax on products and repatriating the value-added tax. However, in 2015, the policy suddenly reduced the value-added tax rebate from 100 without fully consulting the industry. % is reduced to 70%.

“This means that the biodiesel industry will pay a 30% VAT. Since there are no more invoices for the procurement of raw materials in the biodiesel industry in China, this will increase the production cost per ton of biodiesel by about 250 yuan. Originally, the profits of the enterprises are low, most of them. The gross profit of the company is less than 5%." Li Aijun said that the blow to this industry is almost devastating. "Most biodiesel companies have stopped production, and some companies have even embarked on 'irregular channels' in order to survive."

The listed company Henan Asia Pacific Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has also stopped production. In the interview with the reporter, the company’s total job-transfer revealed that the company has stopped the biodiesel production business. One of the important reasons is that the profit is low. “Now almost 95% of the enterprises have stopped working, even if they continue to produce. Most of them also produce plasticizer products, which are rarely used on diesel."

However, the listed company's ability to resist risks is strong. Although Henan Asia-Pacific has suspended production, there are other industries that can achieve "hematopoiesis." In 2015, Henan Asia Pacific invested 20 million yuan to set up a subsidiary company, Gruns, for the “acquisition and leasing of 30 gas stations to sell refined oil products and the company's biodiesel” project, and successfully built the country's first biodiesel demonstration gas station. "The current sales of one ton can be more than 1,000 yuan. We have also established a waste oil purchase network to reduce the cost of raw materials." According to the theory of seed transmission, in the current market environment, it is necessary to fully tap the potential.

Li Aijun also proposed that "internal digestion." He said that thin profit and high shutdown rate will become the new normal of the biofuel industry. Since enterprises can't change the external environment, they must make a fuss from the inside - to achieve more refined management, and constantly improve technology, thereby reducing production costs.

The land of Jingzhou also explored its own path. According to Li Liangbin, Jingzhou Land is expanding its marine diesel market in accordance with the principle of “receiving raw materials nearby and digesting products”, and will develop high-value-added oleochemical products in the later stage by relying on special geographical locations in the Yangtze and Hanjiang river basins.

The future: Standardized, large-scale companies will usher in greater development opportunities

Although the industry is still struggling, the leading groups in the industry are still confident.

Li Liangbin believes that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, biodiesel will be well developed. “In particular, standardized and large-scale companies will usher in greater development opportunities.”

“The biodiesel industry has not relied on state subsidies for ten years. It has been developed by its own investment. This industry is still very vital.” Li Aijun said in his description of future development scenarios that he believes that the country will recognize the development of biodiesel. The environmental and social effects will also gradually recognize the importance of biodiesel for the strategic transformation of energy and provide support and assistance to the industry. "Now, Jinlihai can digest 200,000 tons of waste oil every year. The future goal is to persist, as always, to produce, supply and sell, to eliminate the waste oil in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and then to spread across the country to help the biodiesel industry Standardize, biodiesel, a green, low-carbon energy source, will certainly be recognized and accepted by the public."

Of course, this idea is very likely. According to the biography, through the comparison of their sales data, it can be found that the sales volume of biodiesel is larger than that of petrochemical diesel. “Many are 'return customers' and the evaluation of biodiesel is also very good.”

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