Origami seats are simple but not simple

Cutter Dressing Room Furniture Series: Designed by Danish designer Niels Hvass.
The material used is natural oak or black paint. This material-designed furniture is FSC-certified not only as a hanger, but also as a seat for balconies and patio furniture. It can also be used as a seat in a stormy park all year round. It can be used outdoors for no reason. Outdoor use and the natural integration of the wooden walls, simple stools but close to nature, a piece of wood to be fixed together, reducing the pressure on the seat to sit comfortably but also very well assembled and disassembled. It also reminds us of the IKEA flat pack that has become so popular worldwide. Hangers can also be hung on the wall. Triangular fixing not only makes it strong but also reduces the use of space. It can also be picked up when not in use. This seat can also be used as a storage space, like a drawer to put it freely. Such seat hangers or such materials are all designers giving up and failing many projects. The designer is serving the public, but there is a sense of accomplishment and fun. Isn't this value ours?

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