When you install the sanitary ware, you can’t crack it on the tile.

It is very common to look at the tile wall of the kitchen and bathroom during the renovation, usually in the case of installing kitchen hardware, hood, water heater, microwave bracket, etc. However, if you accidentally scratch the tile, it will cause the tile to rupture. It will be very troublesome to replace it at the time. The worst result is the chromatic aberration. So how do the tiles look like? How can the tiles not crack? The Xiaobian collects some tile eye-catching techniques for your reference.

How do you do tiles?

1. First mark the orientation of the tile to be punched with a marker (preferably select the solid part) and attach the sealing tape;

2, with the hoe and the sample punch (no large steel nails available, remember that the steel nails are also called cement nails, but can not use nails) to punch out a small diameter of about 2 ~ 3mm at the mark, so that the ceramic enamel is removed ;

3. Select the required diameter impact drill to install the impact hammer, straighten the punch point, give the appropriate pressure to launch the impact hammer, the feed rate should not be too large, and the force can smoothly penetrate the tile. After the ceramic tile is penetrated, it can be forced to feed directly to the required depth;

4. After punching the hole, select the appropriate expansion tube to embed and fix the required device with screws.

How can the tiles not crack?

1. If the object is to be fixed with expansion bolts, the required hammer bit should be selected according to the required bolt size. Usually the nominal diameter of the bolt thread + 2 = the required drill diameter. If a hole larger than 10 mm is punched on the tile, the rookie is recommended to be divided twice. For the first time, a small hole is pre-punched with a 6~8mm diameter drill bit, and then the hole is drilled with the drill of the required diameter, so that the tile will not break.

2, punching point and sealing box glue is very necessary, can be useful to avoid the appearance of enamel on the tile surface and the sensation and impact when the punching and punching. It can also be used to avoid the instability of the drill, which causes the drill to slip and violate the required punching position and scratch the tile glaze.

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