Light steel keel ceiling specifications light steel keel ceiling price

The ceiling is actually the ceiling that we often say, and the light steel keel is a material of the ceiling. This material is used in our lives more, then you know what is the specification of the light steel keel ceiling ? What is the price of light steel keel ceilings ? In order to help everyone understand more, let's take a look at the relevant introduction of light steel keel!

Light steel keel ceiling specification

When checking and accepting the light steel keel ceiling project, it is necessary to pay attention to the following documents and records:

1. Construction drawings, design instructions and other design documents for the ceiling project.

2. The product's product certificate, performance test report, site acceptance record and retest report.

3, hidden project acceptance records.

4, construction records.

The light steel keel ceiling project needs acceptance of the following hidden construction projects:

1. Installation of pipes and equipment in ceilings and pressure test of water pipes.

2, wood keel fire protection, anti-corrosion treatment.

3, embedded parts or pull ribs.

4, boom installation.

5, keel installation.

6, the filling material settings.

Light steel keel ceiling price

Different types of light steel keel its price is not the same, let's take a look at the introduction of several common light steel keel ceiling price!

Type 1,50 light steel keel ceiling 400 Taishan gypsum board 38 yuan/square meter (including labor costs)

Type 2,50 light steel keel ceiling 400 Lafarge gypsum board 45 yuan/square meter (including labor costs)

Type 3, type 60 light steel keel ceiling 400 Tarzan gypsum board 45 yuan/square meter (including labor costs)

Type 4,60 light steel keel ceiling 400 Lafarge gypsum board 60 yuan/square meter (including labor costs)

The above information about the specifications of light steel keel ceilings and the price of light steel keel ceilings is briefly introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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Thickness: From 6mm to 30mm or according to request

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Glue: E0, E1

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