Different methods of applying pesticides to corn

Since the summer, the temperature has been rising all the way, and summer sowing corn has been invaded by various pests.
Hummer has always been a very awkward pest on this year's corn. If this seemingly inconspicuous pest is not controlled in time, the parietal lobe curls or curls, and the top rot occurs. This year, the damage is heavier. The corn plants are drilled from the base of the corn stem close to the ground. The plants are long and heavy, and the beet armyworm, yellow-green or dark green worms eat the flesh in the corn heart. Excretion of feces, corn injury is very heavy; è·— è·— ,, adults on the leaves foraging the epidermis, forming a white hole, larvae from the ground near the stem of the stem into the corn seedlings, forming a heart seedling; When the nymph sucks the corn nutrient, the seedlings appear on the aerial part of the seedlings, and the seedlings are short and the green and dry are not panicles, and the yield is reduced by 20%-30% or the tablets are not harvested.
For the above pests, if it is found to be serious, it is necessary to take time to spray control. Pay attention to the choice of ingredients and methods when spraying.
For the thrips, use thiamethoxam or acetamiprid to match the pyrethroids and zinc fertilizers. For lepidopteran pests such as beet armyworm and cotton bollworm, choose a vitamin salt or chlorantraniliprole. On the pyrethroids or organophosphorus, it is also the focus of the heart; as for the two-pointed moth, the choice of the same agent as above, but the medication is not the same, you should first pull the wheat bran around the seedlings, the nozzle is aligned The seedlings spray the liquid to the base of the stem; for the scutellaria and the wheat roots, the thiamethoxam or imidacloprid is selected to chlorpyrifos or avermectin, and the roots are removed. In addition, it should be noted that if there is an insecticide with an organic phosphorus component in the formulation, the herbicide is sprayed at least one week apart, or the insecticide is sprayed after spraying the herbicide for one week.
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