The difference between ceramic tile and wood floor Which is better tile and wood floor

When installing at home, the selection of floor tiles is a key project. As the two major floor materials on the market today, wood floors and tiles have their own advantages. Therefore, it also caused consumers to have doubts. "Home improvement - ceramic tile and wood floor which is better. Wood floors and ceramic tiles in our lives are more commonly used to decorate materials, many people feel at home to use these two It doesn't matter which kind of material you have, it's the same, and you're wrong if you think about it.Wood floors and tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they also have different uses in use.Then you know tiles and wood Where is the difference between the floor ? Tiles and wood flooring which is better? If you have this need, may wish to come with me to understand the difference between ceramic tile and wooden floor related to it!

The advantages of wood flooring

Natural wood gives a natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, with the so-called "upgrade" advantage. If the living room is covered with wooden floors, not only the foot feels comfortable, but also the impact sound on the floor can be greatly reduced, so that the room is warm and quiet.

The wooden floor is more “gentle”. If the family has an old person and the child falls, the wooden pad is not easy to walk and causes too much damage, but if it is a tile, it will fall more seriously.

Wood floor defects

Although the wooden floor is beautiful, it needs more care and maintenance. Wood floor is affected by weather and moderate influence, easy to distort after flooding; requires regular waxing maintenance; easy to be scratched by sharp objects; formaldehyde release from composite wood floor; shorter life than tiled wood floor .

The advantages of tiles

Several obvious advantages of tiles are: easy to maintain, easy to maintain, not easy to hide, no air pollutants, long service life, generally will not be scratched, Qi Qiao and so on. If you prefer the convenience, choose the magnetic ring. The size of the tiles is also very rich in color and decoration. The decoration effect is comparable to the effect of the wooden floor. It is convenient to take care of it. Just sweep it and wipe it clean.

The disadvantages of tiles

Tiles are less comfortable, cold, and feel harder and harder on the foot; they are less heat-insulating; the paving of the tiles is complicated, the construction is tedious, and it is easy to slip in wet seasons.

Compared with the characteristics of wooden floors and tiles, I believe we have more understanding of them, what kind of good shop down, but also depends on your own home improvement needs. Can also be used in accordance with the requirements of different regions, such as the kitchen, bathrooms are tiled walls, bedroom, living room floor wood flooring, to play the advantages of both.


The difference between tiles and wood floors

First, in environmental protection and safety:

The environmental protection of the floor is poor: it is an indisputable fact that the laminate flooring and engineered wood floor release formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a strong carcinogen, especially for pregnant women and children. Now people in the city are afraid of formaldehyde. "." Here we must know two points: First, whether it is E1 or E0 floor, there is the release of formaldehyde, nothing more than the size of the release of different, but the release of formaldehyde is harmful to human health, especially for likes to crawl on the floor Children who play; Second, we often say that formaldehyde emission refers to the release of the outer surface of the floor, not the amount of formaldehyde released from the floor, the formaldehyde content of the floor is higher, and because we inevitably need to cut the floor during the floor installation process. Adapt to different ground conditions, it will increase the actual release of formaldehyde floor.

Tiles are highly environmentally friendly: Although floor tiles have inherent radioactivity, they do harm to the human body. However, in recent years, most floor tiles have reached nationally defined health standards. Moreover, it is difficult for us to encounter strong radioactive floor tiles, so the chance of illness is not high.

Second, in the construction process:

The floor is more peace of mind, effort, and money: The floor construction process is constant and has uniform technical standards. As long as you choose a good color variety, the floor enthusiasts will generally pack a package in the end, give all the accessories, door-to-door, responsible for installation, after-sales maintenance and other basic is a one-stop service, more worry and effort. Of course, there are also some brands, except to count supplementary materials and construction costs.

Tiles are more troublesome, laborious, and costly: For floor tiles, it is necessary to consider the variety of colors, and whether or not the size of the tiles can be matched with the ground, so that the unsightly narrow bricks do not appear. At the same time, it is necessary to enter sand, cement, and employ workers for construction (this is also one of the reasons that the construction team likes to recommend the use of floor tiles because of the money). In addition, large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying, and the cost of labor costs is higher. Of course, the overall effect of the floor tiles will be better. The laying requirements and the cost of small floor tiles are relatively lower, and the overall effect is also lower.

Third, in the use of features:

For the visual sense: the floor has good color and softness, and the affinity is very good. The floor tiles give people a hard feeling.

For insulation performance: the floor has an advantage for the insulation of the room temperature, while the floor tiles have a relatively poor insulation performance due to the fast heat conduction. Especially in the spring or autumn that is not heated but near winter and when there is no heating, the entire ground feels very cold and uncomfortable. If the house is facing north, the situation will be even worse;

For personal protection: In the family with children and the elderly, because the child's naughtiness is active and the elderly are inconvenient in action, it is easy to have a small family accident that falls and touches, and then the floor tiles will hurt the elderly and children undoubtedly than the floor. Seriously more.

For cleaning and maintenance: For the current floor and floor tiles, because the floor area is the same size, ordinary cleaning (such as cleaning of dust, oil, and water traces) is the same as cleaning time, physical exertion, and effectiveness. However, because there are cracks in the floor, oil and water traces can enter the gap in the floor, so the damage to the floor is more serious, while the floor tiles are almost no harm.

On the psychological induction: Because most of the public office space is ground floor tiles, and the outdoor sidewalk ground is generally floor tiles, is nothing more than quality, workmanship, material, because of differences in function and consumption. Many urban people surrounded by floor tiles want to make a difference in their own small home, so they lay floors.


Fourth, on the substrate material:

The floor is more complex: the material of the solid wood floor is very complex, there are hundreds of incomplete statistics, the production areas are also different, there are Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries, Malaysia and other South Asian regions, but also countries such as Northern Europe. Of course, the material of the laminate flooring is still relatively single.

The floor tiles are relatively simple: the materials of the floor tiles are relatively close, the composition of the bricks around them is almost similar, and the problem of adaptability to the region does not arise, so it is a good choice.

Fifth, in the decoration design:

The floor is a little simple: the floor is weaker than floor tiles on the choice of color, style, etc. It is not easy to come up with special effects. Of course, the current variety of floor color is also changing, such as: hand-grained floor, fitness floor, personalized floor, etc., but basically not universal use.

Tiles are rich: because of the variety of floor tiles, bright color, variety of patterns, specifications are also different, so give designers a very large space to play, but easier to design results.

Six, in the replacement of waste:

The floor is easy and easy: when you need to redecorate or want to change to another floor or floor tile, the replacement of the floor is very easy, and it can be used twice for the non-glued floor.

The floor tiles are more laborious and waste: if you change the place to go, it will not be easy. If you do not remove the floor tiles, you will take up space in the room. It will be very time consuming and laborious to remove. It will be even harder than the floor tiles.

Editor's summary: The above is the difference between ceramic tile and wood floor which is better related to the introduction of tiles and wood flooring, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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