What are the data that need to be provided for punching net quotes?

The data required for punching net quotes must be known: detailed data such as material, plate thickness, hole diameter, center distance, margin, hole opening rate, etc. It is better to provide detailed drawings for special hole patterns and processes. Punching net quotation is also relatively simple, nothing more than the price of raw materials plus processing costs, special holes and processes, processing costs may be higher, ordinary hole type, the processing costs are relatively low. In addition, it is also necessary to provide specific quantities, because the quantity is related to whether the mold fee can be exempted.

R141B,Dichlorofluoroethane (HCFC- R-141b) is a nontoxic and colorless chemical with small ODP value and excellent chemical stability. Since its physical and chemical properties are similar to those of CFC-11 and CFC-113, it can substitute refrigerant R-11 as foaming agent for rigid or soft PU foam without changing process and equipment, or CFC-113 as metal cleaner and solder- remover as well. Refrigerant R-141b has following characteristics:

 1. Chemical Stability: It can be stored at room temperature without decomposition.

 2. Dissolvability: It can dissolve in most organic solvents, alcohol and ether. It has excellent compatibility with grease and lubricant, and no obvious effects on most polymers including plastics and rubbers.

 3. Toxicity: The toxicity trials conducted by Allied Signal and Atochem indicate that it has no irritant effect on hum an skin and eyes, but inhalation of high-concentrated refrigerant R-141b will cause anaesthetic effect.

 4. Flammability: HCFC-141b is inflammable, it should be stored in ventilated place without flame.


R141B Refrigerant

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