The first batch of scientific research fishery projects implemented by the public welfare industry

In order to implement the Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020) and support the development of scientific research in the public welfare industry, the central government has established a special fund for scientific research in the public welfare industry for the purpose of developing emergency and nurturing Basic research work. At present, the first batch of special research projects in the agricultural public welfare industry have been launched. In this issue, we will focus on the basic conditions of the six started fishery projects such as the “Research and Establishment of the Prawn Industry Technology System”.

I. Research and establishment of shrimp industry technology system

This project is mainly aimed at problems such as the unstable production of the shrimp industry in China, small product specifications, low quality and safety standards, low overall efficiency, and weak international competitiveness, and has conducted systematic research and demonstration of industrialization. The first is to carry out the research and demonstration of the high-quality shrimp breeding technology system, establish a system for the expansion and utilization of fine shrimp species in China, and strive to achieve better seed coverage than 50%; second is to carry out research on key technologies such as aquaculture environment control, safe drug use, and environmentally friendly feed development. , Integration and innovation, establish a quality and safety technology system for shrimp farming, and ensure that the qualified rate of food safety in the demonstration area exceeds 95%; Third, carry out research on information management technology for shrimp aquaculture, establish a modern management system for shrimp, and realize real-time dynamic management; Shrimp aquaculture production increase and efficiency increase technology integration and demonstration promotion, development of a variety of efficient shrimp farming mode, to significantly improve product quality and stable increase in production, technology to promote the demonstration area of ​​150,000 acres, 2.5 million acres of technology radiation, demonstration area per mu yield increase shrimp 100 In kilograms, the average yield per mu of domestic shrimp increased by 40 kg, the proportion of large-sized shrimp (12 cm in length or longer) increased by 15%, and the total output value of shrimp exceeded 30 billion yuan.

The implementation of this project will promote the transformation of China's shrimp industry from large-scale production to quality and efficiency, and will contribute to solving China's future high-quality animal protein food supply and improving China's shrimp industry's international competitiveness.

Second, research and establishment of industrial technology system of carp industry

This project aims at the urgent technical problems that need to be solved in the squid industry. It focuses on the research and development of squid disease prevention, new farming models, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly feed, and processing technologies. Develop and apply 15 key technologies that restrict the development of the eel industry. The first is to focus on breakthroughs in key technologies for the prevention and control of disease in salmon farming, research and establish rapid detection and identification techniques for major pathogenic bacteria in farmed salmon, carry out research on commonly used pharmacokinetics and residue detection technologies, and develop effective and low-toxicity antibacterial drugs, antimicrobial peptides and immunoglobulins for carp. , The main bacterial disease vaccine products, to achieve large-scale production and promotion, thereby significantly reducing the occurrence of salmon farming diseases and drug residues; Second, the study of larvae intensive fish ponds circulating water culture model and soil pool health breeding techniques, reduce the carp breeding industry The consumption of water resources and the occupation of land resources, pollution of the aquaculture sewage to the environment, and the impact of external environmental pollution on the fish culture; Third, the development of high-efficiency and environmental-friendly feed for carp, the new processing technology for diversified carp products, and the identification of carp seedlings , New species introduction and trial raising, basic research on carp breeding basic biology, etc., thereby reducing feed costs, widening the market for carp products, and solving the problem of restricting carp seed resources; Fourth, through the integration of various resources, preliminary in the main carp production areas Construction of the national level of carp industry The Fan Base and the Regional Innovation Center, together with scientific and technological forces, have jointly tackled the major bottlenecks in the restriction of the carp industry, promoted the transformation and application of relevant scientific research results, and promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the carp industry.

Third, tilapia technology system research and establishment

This project aims at the issues of small product specifications, low quality, and weak international competitiveness of the tilapia industry in China, and develops technical systems for tilapia breeding industry. The first is to research and develop tilapia seed breeding and large-scale propagation techniques, and to establish a good seed breeding and production technology system; second is to optimize and improve the supporting technology of tilapia farming, and establish a large-scale commercial fish ecological and ecological farming technology system; The tilapia environmental protection and efficient formula feed, the construction of tilapia feed production technology and management system of good operating practices; fourth is the development of new varieties of tilapia processing, new technology, improve product quality and added value; Fifth, establish and improve the quality of tilapia Management information system and traceability system.

Through the integration of existing technological achievements, a standardized and standardized tilapia industry technology system covering pre-production, mid-production, and post-production stages is established. Through the trial and demonstration of 100,000 mu in the main producing areas, the production and proportion of large-sized tilapia have been significantly improved, and the large-sized tilapia production at the end of the “11th Five-Year Plan” has exceeded 200,000 tons, and the export volume has doubled to 460 million yuan. The goal of the dollar.

IV. Research and Establishment of Crab Technology System

The project takes the national Yangtze River Department of Chinese mitten crab as its source, and carries out large-scale cultivation of high-quality crab seedlings in key river crab breeding areas, research and development of key technologies such as comprehensive cultivation of large-scale, high-quality river crabs, and improvement of river crab plants. Planting seedlings, seedlings in earthen ponds, enhanced cultivation of crab species, ecological pond culture, eco-culture of lake nets, prevention and treatment of crab diseases, healthy breeding of crabs and other supporting technologies to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of cultured crabs; research and development of crab processing technologies and establishment of mature technologies The crab industry chain and crab industry technology system. Through research, we will construct 10 superior crab cultivation demonstration zones in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River with an aquaculture area of ​​500,000 mu. The average yield per mu of crab farming will reach 50 kg, the average mu gain will be over 1,500 yuan, and the total output value of crabs in the demonstration area will increase by more than 50% to 30. 100 million, the coverage rate of improved species in the demonstration area reached 100%, and the proportion of high-quality river crabs increased to 50%; 1 to 2 processed crab products were developed, and the product quality reached the pollution-free crab standards; the export earning increased by 20%; the national crab production value increased by 100% Billion yuan, 50% more than 2005, reaching 30 billion yuan; built crab crab technology R&D center.

V. Research and establishment of the cesium technology system

The project aims to build a modern industrial technology system for salmonids and achieve industrial upgrading goals. Firstly, through the development of key techniques for the breeding of elite species of squid and breeding of female and female seedlings, a technology system for large-scale breeding of large-scale seedlings will be established to promote good germplasm quality and improve the coverage of improved varieties; secondly, a large-scale breeding trial park will be used as a platform. Optimize and integrate new types of engineering aquaculture equipment and technical process standards, and establish an independent and innovative closed-cycle aquaculture model to realize the upgrade and domestic application of industrial aquaculture facilities for carp fish; and thirdly, establish a carp fish factory. The technology and standards for healthy aquaculture technology, including automatic monitoring of the cultured water quality environment throughout the entire process, development of safe, efficient and pollution-free quail-specific full-price compound feeds, development of vaccines and Chinese herbal medicine preparations to replace antibiotic prevention and control diseases, and establishment of full-process drug residue monitoring And quality traceability technology, the entire process of breeding to introduce a standardized and standardized HACCP production management system, greatly enhance the level of aquaculture technology, management and product quality and safety standards, and establish a standardized breeding technology system; Fourth, strengthen and popularize standardized aquaculture technology, promote industry Significant shifts in growth, income, and production methods .

6. Research and establishment of shellfish technology system

This project focuses on the problems faced by the shellfish industry and selects key economic shellfish such as abalone, scallops, oysters, oysters, pearl shells, etc. Around the shellfish germplasm improvement, large-scale breeding of healthy seedlings, healthy shellfish breeding mode, shellfish food safety Control and intensive processing, key technologies for environmental and product contamination monitoring in shellfish culture areas, disease warning for shellfish culture, etc. Conduct systematic and in-depth research, focusing on breakthrough breeding of good breeds, large-scale breeding of healthy seedlings, healthy breeding, and efficient intensive cultivation The key technologies of aquaculture, disease monitoring, food safety control and deep processing of shellfish, building and perfecting the modern industrial technology system of shellfish, realizing the transformation of shellfish aquaculture from quantity to quality and efficiency, and reaching the shellfish aquaculture industry. During the 11th Five-year Plan period, the goal of “export 8 billion yuan” has been established, and the production technology of the shellfish industry will be fully enhanced to achieve the sustainable development of the shellfish industry. Technology Department

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