Types of anti-rust paint What are the advantages of water-based anti-rust paint?

Anti-rust paint has anti-rust function and can protect the metal surface from atmospheric oxidation corrosion paint. The anti-rust paint is also divided into two types: oily and water-based. Among them, water-based anti-rust paints are widely used today. They can be used as anti-rust agents for magnetic materials and can quickly chelate on the surface to form a dense single-molecule network. The protective film of the compound can maintain the effect of the primary color on the surface. The following small series to introduce the dominant species and water-based anti-rust paint anti-rust paint what.

Type of anti-rust paint

1, Hongdan

Hongdan anti-rust paint is suitable for special metal machines, such as mechanical equipment and steel pipes. This red antirust paint has strong anti-rust properties and does not rust even in wet places, and can dry naturally in a suitable temperature environment.

2, iron red

Iron red anti-rust paint can prevent the metal surface from being polluted by air humidity and avoid chemical corrosion. Iron red anti-rust paint should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because iron red anti-rust paint participated in the driers, but this kind of driers is non-toxic and does not have much side effects on the body.

3, alkyd

Alkyd anticorrosive paint is composed of paint pigments, driers, and combinations of solvents. This kind of alkyd anticorrosive paint has a simple manufacturing process, but it cannot be directly exposed to open flames and cannot be exposed to sunlight, so it can only be kept in a cool shade. Ventilation places are more suitable for places like metal factories.

4, gray

Gray anti-rust paint is suitable for metal anti-rust. This kind of anti-rust paint has added driers, so the drying performance is very good, so it is best not to clean it for a long time or put it in a damp place.

What are the advantages of waterborne antirust paint?

First, the environmental performance of the water-based anti-rust paint is good, and all the water that comes out of the film is water, which will not cause harm to people.

Second, water-based anti-rust paint using a new generation of water-based resin, so fast dry, can effectively improve work efficiency.

Third, the water-based anti-rust paint has good flexibility, can withstand the sunlight, and can solve the oil paint film cracks and other problems.

Fourth, the waterborne anti-rust paint has good transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, and it is very environmentally friendly.

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Anti-rust paint

We may have heard of the Smart Security , so what does the Smart Security mean? 

The Smart Security refers to the informatization of the services, the image transmission, and the storage technology. With the development of the science technology and the information technology in the 21st century, the Smart Security technology has entered a brand new field. The boundary between the Smart Security Technology and computers is gradually disappearing. Without the security technology, our society will not be stable, and the progress of the worldwide science technology will be affected.

So what does the Smart Security Device mainly include?
A complete Smart Security System(Smart Security Camera Outdoor) mainly includes three parts: access control, alarm and monitoring; which means that it should be equipped with the anti-theft alarm system, video surveillance alarm system, entrance and exit control alarm system, security guard patrol alarm system, GPS vehicle alarm management system and 110 alarm network transmission system, etc. These subsystems can be set up and run independently, or they can be centrally monitored by the central control room, and they can also be integrated and centrally monitored with other integrated systems.

Anti-theft Alarm System
The anti-theft alarm system(Smart Security) can be divided into the perimeter defense, building area defense, enterprise defense in the open area, enterprise`s physical equipment defense, etc.

Video Surveillance and Alarm System
Video surveillance and alarm systems( Smart Security Camera) are mainly used in major public places and important parts of buildings for the real-time monitoring, video recording and image review during alarms.

Entrance and Exit Control Alarm System
The entrance and exit control alarm system( Smart Security Home ) is an automated system which uses the modern electronic information technology to implement the let-in, rejection, recording and alarm operations for people (or objects) entering and exiting at the entrance/exit of a building.

Patrol Alarm System
The patrol alarm system uses the pre-programmed security patrol software and the pass card readers to supervise the movement status of security personnel patrols (whether they are on time, follow the order, etc.), make records, and promptly report unexpected situations.

Visitor Alarm System
The visitor alarm system enables people living in the building to communicate with visitors in a two-way or visual manner. The people living in the building can remotely open or close the entrance door or unit door of the building, and can promptly report when an accident occurs. And then the security center will call the police.

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