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For young owners who do not have renovation experience, renovation is a particularly tedious thing. They do not know where to start. Then what Xiaobian wants to share for everyone is the steps of housing renovation and housing renovation. Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

House Decoration Step 1: Pre-design

Before the renovation, we must first select a reliable decoration company. Usually a formal decoration company will provide users with a complete housing design drawings, and will also help to understand the problems that arise in the home improvement process, and make detailed data recording.

Step two of house decoration: main body demolition

After designing the drawing, the next step is to select the date of the start of work, to rationalize the layout of the house's entire frame, to demolish the wall, to remove the wall covering, and other steps to make the frame of the house appear.

House Renovation Step 3: Hydropower Renovation

After the demolition and renovation is completed, measure the installation position of the cabinet and reserve the position of the soot tube and socket at the required installation position. Since the transformation of hydropower belongs to the concealment project in home improvement, it is necessary to take every step seriously. , so as not to cause trouble to the later decoration.

House Renovation Step 4: Carpentry, Bricklayer, Painter

After the completion of the hydropower renovation, carpenters, bricklayers and painters will be able to carry out renovations in order. Starting with carpentry, carpenters generally include items such as the shape of suspended ceilings and large closets. Bricklayers refer to the basic construction and processing carried out on walls and floors. The painter did the final improvement work on the two woodworking and bricklayer projects.

House decoration step five: kitchen decoration

After the paint is finished, it is the ceiling installation of the kitchen and bathroom. Usually, the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom is better to choose the integrated ceiling or the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board. Because they have better waterproof and anti-corrosion effect, the next step is to carry out the cabinet and bathroom. The sanitary ware was installed and strictly installed in accordance with the design drawings given by the decoration company.

House decoration step six: late installation

After the above steps are completed, a series of installations in the latter stage will be carried out. The installation in the latter stage belongs to a complete project including the installation of the floor, the paving of the wallpaper, the installation of various electrical appliances, the installation of the lighting fixtures, and the hardware installation. All can be completed at this stage.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the small house for everyone to share the housing renovation steps and house decoration precautions which, in fact, as long as the relative understanding of some of the housing renovation process, it will feel that the decoration is not difficult, I hope the above sharing can help Everyone, for more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

House renovation steps

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