How is the white wood floor? How should the white wood floor match the home environment?

Until today, white is still the favorite color of people, and it is extremely popular in the floor. The white wood floor is a very special floor type. If you want to match white wood floors, what kind of method is there? Now let me introduce briefly how white wood flooring and white wood flooring can be used together with home environment.

Is it white wood flooring?

Advantages: The decoration of the white wooden floor gives a first impression of beauty and atmosphere, which makes the whole room look more spacious and tidy. White is a wild color, the overall color is white, with other colors, will show a warm, simple, elegant feeling. Of course there is a sense of fashion.

Disadvantages: White is not resistant to dirt and weak in dirt resistance. Slightly sticking dust will destroy the overall beauty and require regular maintenance. White is easy to see, if your floor paint is not very wearable, once it is damaged, the white floor can be seen, especially for the wood floor material, the wood floor is easy to scratch or gravure, greatly affecting Its beauty.

How to match white wood flooring with home environment

1. According to the size of the house

Color can cause people's visual effects. Warm color is an expanding color, and cold color is a contraction color. Therefore, a small area of ​​the house should use cool colors or clear and bright wooden floors to expand the sense of space. If you use a warm-colored wood floor, it will be more narrow and add to the sense of depression. If the room is large enough and there is plenty of natural light, it is advisable to choose a dark, coarse-grained wooden floor and avoid large and chaotic patterns. Dark-tone floor colors often give people a strong appeal and personality characteristics are more distinctive. The red-tone floor itself gives a strong visual effect, so if the walls are thick, they will look uncoordinated. Choosing an ivory color with a slightly pink hue can transform the space into a little lively.

2. According to the user's psychological age

The choice of wood floor patterns and colors should be determined by age. The younger ones will choose bright colors and strong visual impact to reflect their publicity. Most people in the mature stage will choose wood floors with lighter shades and lighter colors, and will pay more attention to style, but they will still like bright colors. Those who enter middle age prefer thick, stable and atmospheric wooden floors.

3. According to the room lighting

The room lighting conditions determine the choice of wood floor color. If the lighting conditions of the house are good, the scope of choice is large and the depth can be set. Of course, it can be determined according to their own preferences. If the floor is low, the house with insufficient lighting will need to select the ground material with higher brightness and suitable color to enhance the brightness of the room. The dark brown wood floor is dark in color. Some people like to paint the walls white in order to enhance the space brightness. In fact, this would make the wood floor darker. You may wish to choose the brown color of the same beige, so that the two colors are closer, more fresh and elegant, and the sense of space is even greater.

Editor's summary: If you choose a white wood floor , it must be equipped with suitable color furniture, so that it can have a better decoration effect, giving people a different visual feeling. In addition, people must be more than pampered with wood floors and furniture, so that they can extend their use time.

White wood floor

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