90 square meters of housing decoration how much money 90 square meters of housing how to install before saving money

Today, 90 square meters of units are highly sought after by young people. Not only is the layout reasonable, but also the price is affordable. Many friends want to know the cost of the renovation budget after purchasing a house. So how much is 90 square meters of home decoration ? 90 square meters of housing how to install before saving money? Next Xiaobian took everyone to take a look!

1, 90 square meters of housing decoration how much money - Lite installation costs :

Simple decoration project: only install the kitchen and bathroom facilities, other rooms only install the floor and the door, at the same time scrape the four walls and wear the pipeline. The decoration time is about 2 months. The cost of this paperback is about 60,000 yuan.

2, 90 square meters of housing decoration how much money - mid-range decoration costs :

Mid-range renovation project: not only will the kitchen and bathroom be well-furnished, but also include large hard furniture inside the room. After the renovation, you can basically move in directly. The decoration time is about 3 months, so that the decoration fee for the mid-range is about 10 million.

3, 90 square meters of housing decoration how much money - upscale renovation costs :

Luxurious renovation projects: including the above simple, mid-range renovation projects, plus luxury furniture, etc., the overall decoration such as a star hotel. This luxury decoration is relatively long, about four months or so, and costs about 150,000.

4, 90 square meters of housing decoration how much money - different decoration styles, decoration costs are different (quotations for reference only)

Modern and simple: All-inclusive: 650 yuan / m2 Half-package: 350 yuan / m2;

Nordic style: All-inclusive: 820 yuan/m2 Half-package: 400 yuan/m2;

Chinese style: All-inclusive: 890 yuan m2 Half-package: 450 yuan/m2;

Mediterranean style: All-inclusive: 1060 yuan / m2 Half-package: 500 yuan / m2;

How to install a 90 square meter house to save money :

1, first determine the scope of a good house decoration budget, such as a paperback, mid-range decoration, or high-end decoration.

2, and then choose their favorite style according to the budget, 90 square meters of the house suitable for a lot of style: Japanese, simple, European and so on. Among them, the modern minimalist style is characterized by simplicity, practicality, and money saving, and it is loved by most people.

3, style is determined, the next step is to consider their own equipment, or please decorate the company equipment. If it is the decoration of the decoration company, you also need to consider the way of decoration, such as half or full package. Here's a warm reminder that whether you choose half-pack or all-inclusive decoration methods, you need to personally go to the building materials market to make a general understanding of materials and prices so as not to be deceived.

4. When designing a house in the early stage, it is more necessary to proceed from a functional point of view. For example, if you want to put something on the wall, you can do more with the locker. Hanging windows, etc., are both beautiful and increase the storage space.

Summary: The above is the relevant content for 90 square meters of home decoration introduced for everyone, hoping to bring some help for everyone. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to this site information.

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