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Bearing fatigue life test

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-19

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Following the continuous deepening of the bearing research; the fatigue life and its reliability as the most important function of the bearing; has led to the widespread attention of the bearing production units and related users. But because of the factors affecting their fatigue life too much plus The theory of bearing fatigue life still needs to be perfected; the experiment of lifespan is undoubtedly the only effective way to judge this index. The low-load, high-speed routine life test method is time-consuming and the reliability of the experimental results is poor; and the leading bearing fatigue The use of the life-enhanced experimental machine and experimental methods has only just begun in China; the use of planning needs to be further expanded. How to strengthen the communication and collaboration of the life test skills; promote the development of bearing fatigue test skills; The use of rapid experimental skills; is a difficult problem for the bearing profession in a long period of time.
Domestic bearing life test skill status China's bearing life test operation; compared with SKF, INA/FAG, Timken, NSK, NTN, KOYO and other foreign bearing companies, the start is relatively late, the plan is small. At that time, it was already in Luoyang Bearing Research Institute. Hangzhou Bearing Experimental Research Center and other units have established their own bearing life and reliability and functional experimental base; bearing the bearing life and reliability and functional experiment work of China's bearing occupation. At that time, it was in the period of many piled experimental data; In order to make an appropriate opportunity in the future; formally propose the recommended value of the correction coefficient of the domestic bearing life calculation.
Starting from the mid-1980s; each bearing research and production unit; has independently developed and introduced some new bearing testing equipment of foreign bearing companies; filled the blank of some bearing testing fields in China. For example, the Hangzhou Bearing Experimental Research Center to the United Nations Helping the high price of money from the United States introduced the B-type bearing life enhancement test machine. On the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption; independently developed the ABLT series bearing life strengthening test machine; this promotes the bearing life of China and The advancement of functional experiment skills has had a certain effect.
However, most of the equipment at that time was also attributed to the field of imitation or utility experiments; its experimental content and results were limited. The basic theoretical research on various factors of bearing life and bearing failure mechanism is still lacking; There is still a large distance in the level. Following the pace of accelerating the construction of a bearing strong country in China; the user's progress on the bearing life and utility needs; the bearing experimental equipment and experimental methods will continue to change the wind; the bearing life test skills development will have a very long-term vision.
Correct understanding of the effects of imitation experiments followed the rapid development of science and technology; the experimental norms of bearing life and its theory are also advancing with the times; and there is a trend of automation, intelligence, and personalization.
For more than 40 years, China's bearing profession has always followed the norms of the former Soviet Union in the 1950s; the ZS-type experimental machine was used for the life test. This method has a long experimental period; it is expensive; it is no longer satisfied with the needs of the production and scientific research at that time. The newly developed bearing life test machine has different degrees of automation skills to deal with this problem.
Intelligentization is the further development of automation; it can be based on specifications; set the speed spectrum, load spectrum, etc. to satisfy the experimental needs; together with the experimental results can be intelligently disposed of with knowledge base skills such as artificial intelligence and expert systems; Provincial needs.
The individualized experiment according to the normative experiment refers to the “violation” of the bearing life test and the standard bearing life test; to meet the special experimental requirements of a specific experimental condition, such as participating in metal powder or pollutants in the lubricating oil. Discuss its impact on bearing life.
As early as the 1940s, the United States began to use the single-element environmental imitation R&D experiment and judgment experiment to test the quality and reliability of the depiction. In the 1970s, it was carried out to select the Inductive Environment Imitation Reliability Experiment (CERT) and Mission profile experiment. For the inspection process, the test simulation experiment without drawing margin is used.
Following the development and training of environmental simulation experiment skills; various government departments and military units have successively announced a series of national standards and military standards; to ensure the quality and reliability of products with strict regulations. For a long time; environmental imitation experiments It becomes the primary method to ensure the reliability of the product.
The lack of imitative experimental skills is that there is no special treatment for the depiction and process defects; it is only away from the judgment experiment and inspection and disposal; therefore, the potential defects are still a lot of residues; there may be problems in the field at any time; reliability growth It is done slowly by natural reaction; at this time, the wood has become a boat; the time and space left for the correction are extremely limited; thus the advantage of market competition is greatly reduced.
In China's bearing profession; because there is no deep understanding of the imitation experiment process; imitating experimental skills have a misleading tendency; one-sided exaggeration of the effect of imitating experiments. Because the environment mimics the complexity and high cost of the coupling effect; imitating experimental skills appear building blocks Modular development trend.
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