A set of diagrams to understand the metal material strengthening mechanism

There are two ways to strengthen the metal material. One is to improve the interatomic bonding force of the alloy, improve its theoretical strength, and produce intact crystals without defects, such as whiskers. It is known that the strength of iron whiskers is close to the theoretical value, and it can be considered that this is because there are no dislocations in the whiskers, or only a small amount of dislocations which cannot proliferate during the deformation process. Unfortunately, when the diameter of the whiskers is large, the strength drops sharply. Another way to strengthen is to introduce a large number of crystal defects into the crystal, such as dislocations, point defects, heterogeneous atoms, grain boundaries, highly diffuse particles or inhomogeneities (such as segregation), which hinder dislocation motion. Significantly increase the strength of the metal. This has proven to be the most effective way to increase metal strength. For engineering materials, it is generally achieved through a comprehensive strengthening effect to achieve better overall performance.

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