Sino-U.S. scientists collaborate to invent anti-tumor micro "nano aircraft carrier"

Professor Wang Guojun of the University of Science and Technology of China has recently cooperated with Prof. Nie Shuming's research group at Emory University in the United States to invent a micro-nano aircraft carrier drug delivery system to achieve more accurate and effective anti-tumor drug delivery. The research results were published in the latest issue of the famous American Academy of Sciences publication.
Nano drug delivery systems, in the delivery of active drug molecules to tumor cells, face a complex biological environment and multiple biological barriers. Small-molecule chemotherapeutic drugs or small-size drug carriers (less than 10 nanometers) are rapidly cleared by filtration in the blood during renal circulation; drug carriers (eg, 100 nanometers) of suitable size and surface properties can prolong the blood circulation of the drug and are effective from the tumor The incomplete blood vessels in the pathological state overflow, but it is difficult to spread to the entire tumor tissue and cannot effectively contact the tumor cells, resulting in the failure of drug delivery.
Prof. Wang Jun and Prof. Nie Shuming’s research team used a larger-scale nanocarrier (about 90 nm) to carry multiple small-scale nanocarriers (about 5 nm) and carried the drug on a small-scale carrier to form a complex Drug delivery system. After it enters the bloodstream, the nanocomposite of the composite structure can prolong the circulation time of the drug in the blood and overflow from the tumor blood vessels into the tumor tissue. Immediately following the cleavage of the chemical bonds connecting the large-small-scale vectors, small-scale vectors are released to further diffuse throughout the tumor tissue, effectively delivering anti-cancer drugs to the tumor cells. This miniature “nanometer aircraft carrier” drug delivery system has changed the technical difficulties in the delivery of anti-cancer drugs in the past and has enabled more accurate and effective anti-tumor drug delivery.

      Source: Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology

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