100 square meters house decoration renderings house decoration precautions

Buying a house now, the small home decoration is very good, because it is more welcoming, but after the purchase of the house, for the decoration of the house. One thing that will be done before the renovation is the budget, but the budget price will vary depending on the decoration method. Too many colors can be messy. That today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the effect of 100 square meters of house decoration , house decoration matters.


One, 100 square meters of house decoration renderings

1, the general 100 square meters of the house, if the contractor, the simple decoration of the package price of at least 5-6 million. Including decoration design, rerouting and replacement of coal, water, electricity, heating pipes, scraping white, tiling, installing sanitary ware, lamps, installing doors, etc. However, the cost of tiles, toilets, lamps, switches, sanitary ware, and doors is not included in the cost of renovation.

2, high-end renovation costs: 150,000 yuan, 1. Category: 100 square meters house decoration budget (luxury decoration); 2. Luxury decoration projects: package expansion, mid-range decoration projects, as well as luxury furniture, etc. Compared with star hotels; 3. The decoration style can be chosen by the owner of the decoration; 4. Decoration time: 3 months to 4 months.

3, different decoration styles, decoration costs are also different, modern minimalist style: all inclusive: 650 yuan - 680 yuan / m2 half package: 350 yuan - 380 yuan / m2; modern fashion style: all inclusive: 730 yuan - 760 Yuan / m2 half package: 380 yuan - 410 yuan / m2; Nordic style: all inclusive: 820 yuan - 860 yuan / m2 half package: 400 yuan - 440 yuan / m2; Chinese style: all inclusive: 890 yuan - 930 yuan / m2 half pack: 450 yuan - 500 yuan / m2; Mediterranean style: all inclusive: 1060 yuan - 1100 yuan / m2 half pack: 500 yuan - 550 yuan / m2; Southeast Asian style: all inclusive: 1200 yuan - 1300 yuan / m2 half package: 600 yuan - 680 yuan / m2.


Second, the house decoration matters needing attention

1, the bathroom, air conditioning outlets are not designed switch. Is the bathroom electric water heater, with a two-stage switch with a plug is appropriate. If you want to turn off the electric heat, pull the plug is dangerous.

2. Regarding the treatment method of the corner of the brick, in the final analysis, it is to see the level of the worker.

3. It is also important to pressurize the water pipe after draining the water pipe.

4, the plastic steel door must be considered the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding from the wall, informed the installation staff, so that the door frame and the wall after the tile is flat, so that it is both beautiful and good for hygiene.

5, the door cover of the woodworker and the tiling of the mason is also necessary. When packing the door cover, it is necessary to consider whether the ground below (either side of the two sides of the door) is to be tiled or other cement mortar to level things, because If the door cover is nailed in front of the tile, it will always be wrapped on the ground. When the cement is used in the future, if the cement and the door cover are stained, the door cover wood will be watery and moldy.

The above article is a small square for everyone to introduce the 100 square meters of house renovation renderings, house decoration precautions. I believe everyone knows. The price of the house decoration is not fixed. It has a great relationship with the decoration requirements, the decoration materials, and the decoration company. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home love network.

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