What are the main contents of the overhaul of the diesel generator synchronous generator? (one)

What are the main contents of the overhaul of the diesel generator synchronous generator? (one)
The overhaul period of a diesel generator synchronous generator is generally 2 to 4 years. The main contents of its overhaul include removing the boot body and taking out the rotor, overhauling the stator, overhauling the rotor, checking the state of the slip ring, and insulating the shaft and installing and wiring the generator. The following focuses on the removal of the boot body and remove the turn, check the stator, these two parts to explain.
First, remove the boot body and remove the rotor
1. Mark the screws, pins, pads, and cable ends before dismantling. After the cable head is disassembled, apply a clean cloth. The rotor slip ring is coated with neutral petrolatum and coated with barley paper.
2. After removing the end cap, carefully inspect the air gap between the rotor and the stator and measure the gap between the upper, lower, left, and right 4 points.
3. When the rotor is removed, the rotor and the stator are not allowed to collide or friction, and the rotor should be placed on a secure hardwood mat after removal.
Generator overhaul
Second, maintenance stator
1, check the base and shell, and clean and require the paint to be in good condition.
2. Inspect the stator core, windings, and the interior of the base and clean dust, grease, and debris. Dirt on the winding can only be removed with a wooden or plastic shovel and wiped with a clean rag, taking care not to damage the insulation.
3. Check whether the connection between the stator shell and the iron core is tight and whether there is any crack in the welding place.
4, check the integrity of the stator and its parts, and spare parts.
5. Measure the insulation resistance of the three-phase winding with a megohmmeter of 1000~2500V. If the resistance is unqualified, you should find out the reason and perform corresponding processing.
6, check the stator core silicon steel with rust, loosening and damage. If there is rust, you can use a metal brush and apply silicon steel paint. If there is a loose robbery, you can use a thin mica sheet or a wedge made of epoxy glass. If there is spot rust caused by local overheating, iron core test should be done. When the iron loss and temperature rise are unqualified, the iron core should be specially treated.
7. Check if there is any looseness, breakage, and convexity in the stator slot wedges. Check the presence of the expansion drums in the ventilation rods. If the wedge and insulation cover are black, it means that there is overheating, and it is necessary to eliminate bad ventilation or reduce load operation. Check the end insulation for damage. When the insulation pads and insulation clips shrink, they can be added or replaced. If there is loosening of the end banding, you can remove the old tie line and re-bind it with the new tie line.
8. Check if the stator core clamping screws are loose. If the insulation mat under the clamping nut is found to be damaged, it should be replaced. Measure the insulation resistance of the clamping screw with a 500-1000V megohmmeter, typically 10-20 MΩ.
9. Check the fastening of the generator lead wire and cable connection.
10. Check whether the bearing has splashed oil to the end of the winding. If the ends of the winding are dirty, use a clean cloth soaked in gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. If the insulation of the end is seriously affected by oil, a layer of oil-proof protective paint can be sprayed if necessary.
11. Inspect and trim the end caps, peep windows, felt pads on the stator housing, and gaskets at other seams.
The above is the place where the overhaul phase of the diesel-generator synchronous generator of the diesel generator set is removed and the stator is removed and the stator is checked. It is hoped that you can help the users.
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