9 furniture factories have exceeded the standard on the black list.

How is the quality of real estate furniture? Which can buy and can't buy? In the past few years, because of the "not high quality", Nanjing real estate furniture has faced the embarrassment of "not playing." However, after three consecutive years of “strong drug” rectification, the passing rate of Nanjing real estate furniture products has been greatly improved. Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced that this year, the bureau conducted supervision and sampling on 110 batches of 110 furniture manufacturers in the city. The pass rate of physical quality sampling was 86.36%, which was 53.86 percentage points higher than that before 2007; formaldehyde The qualified rate of the release project was 91.8%, which was 33.7 percentage points higher than that before the rectification in 2007. At the same time, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision also released the “Red and Black List” of real estate furniture. The products of 9 companies were on the black list because of the excessive formaldehyde. One of the companies went to the black list for three consecutive years. The biggest feeling of a company's inferior furniture for three consecutive years is that it is "scented and pungent". Sometimes the eyes are smoked and can't be opened. The main culprit of this feeling is formaldehyde. The Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision found in this year's sampling inspection that although the qualified rate of formaldehyde emission project reached 91.8%, it was 33.7 percentage points higher than that before 2007, but some of the furniture's formaldehyde emission was unqualified. In the "red and black list" of furniture, nine companies' products were exposed. According to the standard, the amount of formaldehyde released from wood furniture should be ≤1.5mg/L, and the products of these 9 companies exceed this standard value. The bedside table produced by Nanjing Longpu Woodware Factory has a formaldehyde emission of 4.7mg/L; the activity cabinet produced by Nanjing Qianlong Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has a formaldehyde emission of 2.3mg/L; Nanjing Renwei Office Furniture Factory produces In the movable cabinet, the amount of formaldehyde released actually reached 10.1mg/L, which was nearly 6 times higher than the standard value. In these enterprises with unqualified formaldehyde emission, the reporter found that some enterprises have been “repeated crimes”. Nanjing Yonghua Furniture Factory has been on the “black list” for two consecutive years. This time, the bedside table produced by it has reached the release of formaldehyde. 1.9mg / L; more seriously, Nanjing Bao Te Lai Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been on the "black list" for three consecutive years, this time the production of the activity cabinet, formaldehyde emission reached 2.2mg / L. "For these companies that have been on the black list, we have investigated and dealt with them, and asked for rectification as soon as possible, and then review. If it is not qualified, we will take more stringent measures." The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau said. Nine black-listed companies were ordered to suspend production of furniture that often used excessive formaldehyde, which would be harmful to the human body? According to medical experts, formaldehyde is easy to cause nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cancer and sinus cancer. There is also evidence that formaldehyde can cause leukemia. Experts analyzed that the cause of excessive formaldehyde emission was related to the long-term purchase of low-quality formaldehyde and fiberboard, which were not qualified by some enterprises. Some enterprises do not have the necessary production equipment, the processing technology is backward, and the use of inferior quality adhesives of low quality and low price is also the cause of excessive formaldehyde. In addition, the lack of inspection equipment and personnel is also a cause of excessive formaldehyde. The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that the nine black-listed enterprises have ordered the enterprises to stop production and sales and enter the investigation and handling procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Product Quality Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, and to inform relevant departments and local governments. Strengthen collaborative supervision and revoke licenses when necessary. 14 companies established formaldehyde testing room In addition to the red and black list, the quality supervision bureau has created a special list - "Huangbang". Relevant person in charge, the company found that the production equipment found in the on-site inspection is not simple, the raw materials are not checked, the products are not inspected, and the quality of the products tested is seriously unqualified, the “Huangbang” warning is given, administrative punishment is imposed, and it is ordered to stop production immediately. Sales of unqualified products and organization of expert on-site assistance. Serious violations of national quality laws and regulations, poor production conditions, chaotic on-site management, product quality supervision and spot checks have serious quality and safety problems, filed for investigation, listed in the black list to the public, and the transfer of serious violations to the public security organs . Recently, Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau also provided free training courses for 29 quality inspectors of 22 furniture sheet enterprises in the city, explaining the relevant product standards in detail, and demonstrating the formaldehyde project inspection methods and practical operation knowledge on site. To date, 14 furniture sheet companies in Nanjing have established formaldehyde testing rooms. Preface company name Product name Formaldehyde release amount (mg/L) Standard value inspection value No. 1 Nanjing Bao Telai Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Activity cabinet ≤1.52.2 2 Nanjing Yonghua Furniture Factory bedside table 1.9 3 Nanjing Renwei Office Furniture Factory Activity Cabinet 10.14 Nanjing Longpu Woodware Factory Bedside Cabinet 4.7 5 Nanjing Qianlong Office Furniture Co., Ltd. Activity Cabinet 2.3 6 Nanjing Telong Furniture Factory Activity Cabinet 1.9 7 Nanjing Sanfang Furniture Co., Ltd. Side Cabinet 1.9 8 Nanjing Gino Furniture Co., Ltd. Office The interior of the chair is made of wooden parts E2 ≤5.09.1 ​​9 Nanjing Haoying Furniture Co., Ltd. Office Chair 5.9

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